Fr. Peter M. Rookey Has Died

Fr. Peter M. Rookey, OSM, passes away

9/10/2014 12:00 AM

Fr. Peter M. Rookey, OSM, died peacefully in his sleep in the overnight hours of September 9-10, 2014, at Our Lady of Sorrows Monastery, Chicago, IL. The friars of the community had gathered around his bed to offer prayers.Born in Superior, WI, October 12, 1916, he was ninety-seven years of age. He entered the Order at Hillside, IL, in 1930 and was a priest for seventy-three years. 

Services for Fr. Peter are as follows:

Services for Fr. Peter are as follows:

Saturday, September 13, 2014:
4:00pm - A concert in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows in the Basilica
5:30pm - Visitation for Fr. Peter Rookey until 9:00pm.
8:00pm - Recitation of the Servite Rosary

Sunday, September 14, 2014
3:00pm - Visitation for Fr. Peter Rookey until 8:00pm
7:00pm - Recitation of the Servite Rosary

Monday, September 15, 2014, Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
8:30am - Viewing until time of Funeral Mass
10:30am - Morning Prayer - Office for the Dead
11:00am - Mass of Christian Burial

A reception will follow in the Parish Hall. Private interment.

Fr. Peter Mary Rookey-The Healing Priest.

Fr. Peter Mary Rookey
Probably one of the most well-known priests of the Servite order is Fr. Peter Mary Rookey. Although a number of interesting books have been written about Fr. Rookey and his charism of healing, when asked about his gift, Father simply says, “It is God’s work, not mine - He does all the healing, I just pray.”
In 1948, after having been healed miraculously from blindness, Fr. Peter Mary Rookey formed the Servite Order in Ireland. Father has traveled the world using his charism, including many trips to Medjugorje. Although Father does not travel as much now, in 2006 at the age of 90, Fr. Rookey made a pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

In Medjugorje, Father was asked to bless a young boy in a wheelchair, and after having blessed the young boy, Father ordered the boy to stand up. The boy stood up and walked to Fr. Rookey and fell sobbing with joy into his arms!
Perhaps one of the most well known healings through Fr. Rookey was the physical and spiritual healing of David Parkes. 

Fr. Rookey shares what he calls a Miracle Prayer and tells us that if we mean each word fully with all of our heart, that we will experience something spiritually good.

Lord Jesus, l come before You, just as I am. I am sorry for my sins, I repent of my sins, please forgive me. In Your name, I forgive all others for what they have done against me. I renounce Satan, the evil spirits and all their works. l give You my entire self, Lord Jesus, now and forever. I invite You into my life, Jesus. I accept You as my Lord, God and Saviour. Heal me, change me, strengthen me in body, soul and spirit.
Come Lord Jesus, cover me with Your precious blood, and fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I love You, Lord Jesus. I praise You, Jesus. I thank You, Jesus. I shall follow You every day of my life. Amen.
Mary my mother, Queen of Peace, St. Peregrine, the cancer saint, all you angels and Saints please help me. Amen.

Say this prayer faithfully, no matter how you feel. When you come to the point where you sincerely mean each word, with all your heart, something good spiritually will happen to you. You will experience Jesus, and He will change your whole life in a very special way. You will see. Medjugorje Spirit
Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsfwU6mHP0c


Margaret White said...

I spoke with him several times on the phone,
May he be in the highest place in heaven because he deserves the best. He helped us all and prayed and fasted so that our prayers would be answered,
God bless you Father Rookey you are now a saint in heaven and I will pray to you.

Margaret White said...

I beleive today would have been Father Rookeys birthday the same as both my son and daughter. May he have a wonderful party in heaven because it is time for him to relax in the company of Jesus and Mary and all the angels and saints.

Bernadine Gribbin said...

I was priveleged to have this holy man in my home in1991 he was humble, down to earth and lots of fun - i ask for his blessing from heaven and to watch over my family amen xx

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Father Peter on the phone once.He helped me in a very low part of my life and I ask for his Blessing from Heaven so that the cancer I fear in a biopsy will not be there.Through the Intersession of Our Lord Jesus.

Nancy D said...

I attended two of Father Rookeys healing services in Milwaukee Wi and spoke several times with him over the phone. One time just before a D&C that was scheduled because I had all the symptoms for cervical cancer I called Father on the phone. He prayed for me and told me to have faith it would all be fine. When I got off that phone I felt calmer then I had ever felt. The test was taken the doctor was in shock. On the colored monitor in the operating room my insides were bathed in fresh blood he couldn't explain why. The test was taken the results came back negative for cancer. I knew right away that Father Rookey's prayers were answered. I will never forget that and even though he has passed away I still ask him for help. I hope someday that he will be considered for sainthood. Pray for him and to him when your in need

Jack Joe said...

So humble and so very sincere.. and his Miracles were many, his holiness palpable.

When I attended a 2-day retreat/religious event at which Father was promoted to be speaking. one woman after the other pawed at him, grabbed at him and unbelievable as that sounds many even sat on his lap as they had pictures taking of their 'clearly close relationships'. Poor Father Rookey! They acted as if he wasn't even a man! Yes, clearly he was then in his early 90's I believe and not a young man - but a man none the less! A holy man of God who had taken a Vow of Chastity.. but these women, most beautifully dressed and all over him as they took 'selfies' with him (are those still considered selfies?) and all appeared oblivious to how uncomfortable and embarrassed all of this was to Fr.Rookey. A very disturbing display.

When the next Speaker got to the podium – finally – Father sat down and I made my own move.
I had an older version of a Servite Book that had originally came from him. He gave it to a good friend of his, who had later become a good friend of mine and who’d given me that book and so I had wanted him, Father Rookey, to then sign the book. Something which seemed very appropriate to me.

However because of his difficulty hearing at the time, my voice got louder and louder. as well as his own voice. This was while the second Speaker was already beginning his own talk at the podium. I was the first to notice other people turn their heads in my direction, glaring at me as if to admonish me for ‘stealing’ Father’s time and for making it difficult to hear the man on the stage.

Then I could see the pen I had given father would not work.. and he continued to try and make the pen work several times and each time, no ink. It should have worked just fine by after four or five trys to make it so, it was clear no ink was exiting that pen, and he had no pen of his own and I didn’t have another. it wasn’t meant to be. Because what I did receive is what I truly needed. I had begun to be self-aware of the situation. Of my own shameful and rude actions.
More importantly, I was no different than ANYBODY ELSE there.
All of us had wanted a piece of him. All of us, as if his own holiness would then somehow 'rub off' on ourselves.
I was indeed no different from the others who had originally angered me so deeply. For I too wanted some small piece of him.. as if that would somehow make his Own holiness rub off onto me.
So Father Rookey taught me an importantly life lesson, and did it without saying a single word. :)
Peace to all
and may Father Rookey now know The Peace and Joy that only God Himself can Give.

Lucy Charlampowicz said...

I was saddened when l accessed more fully father Peter Rookey's site after praying the miracle prayer led by him to read that he had died last year. I only found his site yesterday. I have prayed the miracle prayer for years and I untroduced it to the prayer group some years ago. I witnessed Father Peter's incredible ministry in Catherine of Sienna Church in Birmingham UK twice during the 1990's. The first time the church was overflowing with people so I went up to the organ loft where I saw Jesus ministring in the humble. Yes I witnessed miracles. People spoke out about healing. We were floored by the Holy Spirit and rested in peace and love and healings
in so many ways. During the consecration when Father said the words of Our Lord "this is my blood..... bowing over the chalice his face eluminated golden. Father told us that we my experience unusual smells of flower, which I did and others.... but when I asked others if they had seen Father's eluminated they said no. This is the first time I have written about it.
A holy man, his earthly work accomplished yet he lives In my heart through his miracle prayer on you tube - his voice alive thank you Lord for being with us through holy, humbly saintly man. May your miracle spread throughout the world Amen and Amen.

STHFGDBY said...

I'm so sad just to only realize now that Fr Peter had died, I never knew, I just looked him up and discovered he died in 2014. How I never heard about it in Ireland saddens me. He was a Saintly man. I remember his crucifix went missing and I wondered did he ever get it back.I give thanks to Jesus and our father in Heaven for Father Rookey.

Dennis O' said...

I am one of the many diseased people Father Rookey healed. I had just been dx'd with Stage IV prostate cancer, all samples Gleason 10 and a spot was found on my skull. A friend at my work place told me about Father Rookey who was giving a service in KC metro area. I decided to go despite that I am more of a roaming Catholic than practicing Catholic. There were over 70 people/prayer requests that evening. After saying a latin mass, a few testimonials spoke of their miracles... Still I questioned. During the "healing ceremony" I went up to the alter with many others as Father Rookey laid hands and prayed. All fell back except me. My friend to my left fell back and I knelt down to assist her. Father turned to me and said, leave her alone, she will be fine in a few minutes. Of course I obeyed.
Yes, I went thru hormone therapy followed by IMRT radiation. Yes I saw the best, or second best prostate cancer Dr Meyers from VA. After many visits over the years, I asked him how come I was still alive. He turned and said: You are one of the lucky ones. That was when it finally hit me, that no, it wasn't luck, it was God's plan. I share my miracle often and always cry when I do. Thank you God for bringing Father Rookey into our lives. I for one am eternally grateful. OH, this all occurred in Feb 2002. That's 13 years ago.

Nelson Cordeiro said...

Dennis your testimoney made me cry. How beautiful life is when lived with God. I am so grateful to read about Fr Peter even though i never saw him in my life. Thanks for sharing

Ivan Loock said...

I was one of Fr. Rookey's "Friends." I met him initially, because I too needed a "miracle." My wife, somehow, set me-up to meet him in his Greater Chicago-Area Office. Believe me when I say, that simply doesn't happen that easily. So I did arrive, and arrogantly expected nothing. The next thing I knew, I saw the Sun... "dancing-around and changing colors!" I am a trained, scientific Investigator. That means I am a skeptic, by training. To this day, I know what I saw, and I cannot conventionally explain it. Those around me all saw the same, because I was also watching THEM. Those from his Office, wherever they may be now, like Marge, and the rest of the Gang, know exactly who I am. And WHY Fr. Rookey and I remained in touch, is totally beyond me. He saw something allegedly "different" in me, and chose me as his Friend. I was so proud to be one of his select few, and always invited to his October Birthday parties, usually out at the Golf Course! Yet tragically, I did not hear of his passing until it was too late for me to arrive in time. He blessed my badges, which I wore in uniform, and sometimes in my pocket. He even blessed my flight wings. As a side note, the badge he liked to carry came from me. I was promised its return-to me, upon his passing. Whoever has it, please return it. I am not that difficult to find in Oregon.

I miss you, Fr. Rookey... more than you could possibly know. You were one of the absolute FINEST men I have EVER met. Why you chose ME, over the millions of people that wanted to surround you at all times, I will never know. But perhaps you chose me because, just maybe, you saw my genuine nature... just like the rest of your Staff. I never knew why I could just "walk-in," and be so warmly greeted by everyone in the Office. How was that even possible? Rest in Peace, Fr. Rookey... but not too deeply. We still need you! Believe it!
- Ivan

George said...

Would it be far-fetched to imagine that the Minister of Christ in the person of Father Rookey could have a successful cause-for-canonization?

I am sure those close to Father Rookey would know what to do.
- George Leburu, South Africa

Barbara Lawrence said...

He visited my Servite church in London many years ago (late 90s) and during the service a lady that came in a wheelchair got up and walked from the altar to the back of the church. I got copies of the Miracle prayer. When I got home, my mum was rushing off to see her cousin who had had a stroke and was only discovered two days later. He was in the hospital and the prognosis was very bad; it was more like making plans for his funeral. I gave her the card and told her to recite the miracle prayer when she got there. The man lived many more years afterwards. I have been saying the prayer since then. I didn't even know Fr. Rookey was dead. I'm traveling and far from home and wanted to recite the miracle prayer and google showed me he was dead. But I believe he is resting perfectly in peace after his bountiful labor on earth. May his soul rest is peace.Amen