12,000 Masses said for Mary's Plans...

by Jakob Marschner
Spirit of Medjugorje editor June Klins urges her readers to have a Mass said for the Virgin Mary’s intentions. The response has surpassed her expectations, and after 18 months the number is nearing 12,000. “If all the pilgrims responded, the world could radically change” she says.
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Mass in St James Church in Medjugojre
Thousands of Masses for the Virgin Mary’s intentions have been celebrated after June Klins, the editor of the newsletter Spirit of Medjugorje, first urged her readers to initiate such Masses in March 2013. With more being reported every day, 11,600 Masses have been celebrated so far.
“The idea germinated in January 2013. A priest who is the senior associate at my parish mentioned at a daily Mass that he, as a member of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, can have a “free” Mass once a month for whatever intentions he wants, so for years, he has had a Mass said for the intentions of the Blessed Mother. He suggested that as a New Year’s resolution, we could have a Mass said once a year for the the Blessed Mother’s intentions” June Klins tells Medjugorje Today.
June Klins
June Klins
“Soon after that, a very holy lady at my church gave me an envelope before Mass one Sunday. In the envelope was a note card with a quote from Mother Teresa that said, “Let’s do something beautiful for God,” along with $333.33 in cash. The note said, “June, it was laid on my heart to give you this exact amount of money ($333.33). I trust it will be revealed to you why and how it is to be used.”
“I prayed about how to use that money and it came to me to use the money for Masses for Our Lady’s intentions, as Father had suggested. I reflected on his words, and the fact that the number 3 can denote the Holy Trinity, it seemed like a good plan” June Klins says.
In the days and weeks to come, the editor from Pennsylvania saw further confirmation in frequent encounters with repeated numbers. $333.33 was only the first in a string of such numbers.
When June Klins left the church that Sunday, the clock read 11.11. On her way back, the temperature sign at a business near her home read 33 degrees. Within a week, she received a check of $222 to help a priest in Uganda. And a little card saying “Psalm 33:22″ suddenly appeared in a place she had not expected it to be.
masses mass intentions virgin mary our lady medjugorje june klins 12000
Mass at the back altar of St James Church in Medjugorje
“Duplicate numbers jumped out at me. I felt that these were confirmations that this was God’s will. The following day, I planned to request the Masses, and then it came to me that if I added the $222 to it, which was going to Fr. Fredrick in Uganda anyway, that would make $555.33, which would allow for 111 Masses” June Klins says.
“I was really getting excited because 111 has been a significant number to me since January 11 (1/11), 1998. That was when my healing of a strange condition that left me in chronic pain began through Our Lady of Medjugorje. As I suspected, Fr. Fredrick was honored to be able to celebrate the 111 Masses for Our Lady’s intentions.”
The priest's consecration of the Host is the spiritual culmination of the Mass
The priest’s consecration of the Host is the spiritual culmination of the Mass
“Since we began I have asked people, if they wish, to report to us when they have a Mass said so we can keep track. The reason to keep track – since Our Lady would know anyway when a Mass was said for her intentions – is to encourage more people to do it. I initially hoped to have 1000 Masses said by the 33rd anniversary in June this year, as a special gift to Our Lady in gratitude. But the total by that date was actually nearly 10 times that – 9,322!” June Klins tells.
The initiative is a literal response to many of the Virgin Mary’s messages from Medjugorje.
“Our Lady has asked us to pray for her intentions many times over the years.  In fact, in the August 25, 2014 message, that is the first sentence of her message. The Mass is the highest form of prayer, so does it not make sense that this would be the best way to pray for her intentions?  She never asked us directly to do this, but I can imagine it makes her very happy. I am sure she does not want us to pay for a Mass stipend and then not pray ourselves. I think she would want us to have Masses said, but also continue to pray the Rosary, etc. for her intentions” June Klins says.
A fisher of man: Spirit of Medjugorje editor June Klins
A fisher of men: Spirit of Medjugorje editor June Klins
“If everyone who ever went to Medjugorje had a Mass said for her intentions in thanksgiving, that would be millions of Masses!  It could radically change the world.”
Masses said for Mary’s intentions can be reported to jklins1981@verizon.net

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