Jesus, Teach me to hear your voice

Because of your little faith. (Matthew 17:20)
To a non-swimmer, it seems incredible that a human body could float on water. Bodies are heavy, and that’s that! The disciples, called to heal a man’s deranged son, were just as incredulous. But Jesus told them that they needed just the smallest amount of faith to move mountains, let alone drive out one demon! Surely the disciples wondered how they could ever develop that kind of faith. For that matter, how will we?
The beginning of the answer is in today’s first reading: “I will stand at my guard post, and station myself upon the rampart, and keep watch to see what he will say to me” (Habakkuk 2:1). Our faith will grow as we spend time in God’s presence and let him speak the truth to us, confirm that truth, and make that truth clearer to our hearts. So here is Habakkuk’s four-step plan:
  • Stand at your guard post. Find peace in the place you are supposed to be, wherever that is.
  • Stand at the rampart. A defensive wall of a castle or walled city, a rampart allows for a broad vision. Don’t get caught up in low-level controversies; rather, fix the eyes of your heart on Jesus.
  • Keep watch to see what God will say. Try your best to tune in to the Holy Spirit’s wavelength so that you can detect his promptings.
  • Write down what you hear. Use a notebook or journal to keep track of your prayer. That way, you can go back later and study it, test its truth, and hold on to whatever it is that God has said to you.
This simple plan will help you deepen your relationship with God. You will learn what his voice sounds like. You will become more familiar with his thoughts. And you will learn about his unfailing, gentle love. Does it sound incredible? No more than floating on water, really. Trust the One who made you to teach and grow faith. Let him show you that you are made to move mountains!
“Jesus, I confess, I don’t think I can move mountains. Teach me how! Teach me to hear your voice and grow more powerful in faith.     http://wau.org/meditations/current/

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