Marija: Put Faith Above Fear and Fatalism

Photo by Bernard Gallagher
By Jakob Marschner

Medjugorje  visionary  Marija  Pavlovic-Lunetti  took  on
what she saw as misplaced priorities and bad use of time in
addressing 900 attendees on Saturday [December 12, 2012],
at a prayer meeting in the Grand Theatre in Canazei, Italy.

“What  do  we  have  to  fear?  The  prophets,  hurricanes,
or  that  the  end  of  the  world  is  coming…?  The  end  can
come every day, but it seems that our life depends on the
horoscope of the day, but we must learn from those in the
past who trusted God,” Marija said, according to the local
newspaper Trentino Corriere Alpi.

“I do not know what will happen to us, but God teaches us
that without Him there is definitely no future for us. What
is a hundred years if there is no eternal life? We are too busy
with evil, television and computers, but how much time do
we devote to God?” the seer also said.

“I do not know what will happen tomorrow – but the
important thing is to have your heart free from anxiety, fear,
pain, and live through every test of your lives, remaining
steadfast in prayer and love,” Marija added, according to the
regional newspaper L’A d ig e.

Marija cited several examples of healing – one about a boy
who was in a coma for three months after a car accident, but
woke up without any kind of brain damage.

“So many times we do not believe in miracles, but they are
there. My testimony is intended to be a sign of God’s love for
you. We are nobody, I am nobody, but we are here as a sign
that Our Lady intercedes with God for us,” she said.

“Our  Lady  loves  you  and  carries  the  image  of  all  of  us
in  Her  heart,  today  and  tomorrow,  because  everyone  is
important to Her,” Marija told them.
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