Open yourselves to my love...

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Open yourselves to my love... 
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July 11, 2013
Dear Family of Mary!
"Dear children! With joy in the heart I love you all and call you to draw closer to my Immaculate Heart so I can draw you still closer to my Son Jesus, and that He can give you His peace and love, which are nourishment for each one of you. Open yourselves, little children, to prayer - open yourselves to my love. I am your mother and cannot leave you alone in wandering and sin. You are called, little children, to be my children, my beloved children, so I can present you all to my Son. Thank you for having responded to my call." (June 25, 2013)
Our Lady calls us to open ourselves to prayer and to her love. Open ourselves...this openness can be difficult to achieve. We see in the Gospels many people who encountered Jesus, but could not open themselves to Him, to His love or to His call. They were locked in their own perspective, their own wisdom, their own power or security, and just couldn't let Jesus in. It is the same today. But Our Lady is with us in these days to help us open up our hearts to her love and to her Son. This miracle of openness happens in Medjugorje!
*I want to share a short testimony given by Cornelia Schluter on Fruit of Medjugorje, Episode 73. Cornelia shares how her own heart was opened to Our Lady and to her presence. This simple testimony teaches us a lot about opening our hearts:
Hello, my name is Cornelia Schluter. I am from Germany, but I am living in Italy because I have an Italian husband. One day on the Italian TV we saw Medjugorje. We saw a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, and somehow it was the first time we saw this. It touched both of us very deeply. And we both had this immediate impulse, "Let's go!" So we booked a flight and we went.
I have to say that I probably would not have been so open for something like this because I am actually Protestant, or I was. And I had never had any connection with Maria or with the Church. But it was just at that time my daughter had just died, at 34 years, from an ectopic pregnancy, and that was a very, very big shock. Of course, it is a very sad thing, but what also happened is that it opened me up to a totally new realm, like for example to go to Medjugorje.
For me, Medjugorje...especially when we went the first time five years ago, was a big, big healing for me. It was a healing and a saying "yes" to what happened. To be able to forgive the doctor who had made a mistake, a misdiagnosis, and to know that in a way, whatever happens is allowed by God, and it is not just the mistake of the doctor, it is what it is. I learned to say "yes" to it and forgive him.
And now by coming here...we have come eight times in the last five years... it wasn't just the healing process with what happened to my daughter, it was an opening up to a totally new experience... to meet the Madonna, to really be with her, especially on this mountain, Podbrdo, which we love.   My husband and I actually go there every day and just sit there either in meditation or in prayer.
And another key for me to completely fall in love with [the Lord and Our Lady] was the Adoration in the night, which is one hour of singing and praying. The singing for me is just an incredible key...to sing out my devotion, my love, my heart. That is where I feel the Madonna very, very much.
Actually I am still in awe that such a thing could happen, because I was the most unlikely person to end up here. But I am here and I love it. I feel that the Madonna called me. Maybe everyone who comes here got the inner call. For everyone it is different. For me it is this inner healing and it is to express my love to God, to Mary and to Jesus, which before I just couldn't do, even though for me God was always important in my life, but I didn't express it. And here this place gives me the opportunity really to learn to express my love, to express my heart and my prayer.
Yes, that is all. Thank you very much. And thank you to Rose and to Chris who persuaded me, because normally I would never do such a thing! (Cornelia Schluter, "Fruit of Medjugorje, Episode 73)
Thank you, Cornelia, for sharing this beautiful testimony with us.
Cornelia's heart was wounded, deeply, by the loss of her daughter. But in her grief, she found herself ready to look for help, even from Mary, the Mother of Jesus, in a little town in Bosnia. Her suffering actually opened her up to Mary, because she needed her so much. Her need led her to Medjugorje where she found healing and a whole new way of living. And she now could not imagine life without Our Lady!
Suffering can be what will open us up to Mother Mary. In our need, we will seek her and she will come to help us. Then we will find ourselves in a whole new realm, a whole new world of the peace and love of Jesus, her Son. And we will be nourished and made strong for our lives!
Thank you, dearest Mother, for calling us to open to you and to Jesus. Help us to truly be open to your love.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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