You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses

He continued on his way rejoicing. (Acts 8:39)

Just before ascending into heaven, Jesus told his disciples, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). The Book of Acts is filled with exciting accounts of how Jesus’ followers—empowered by the Spirit—took up this commission. And each account reveals yet another aspect of the power that we all received when we were baptized.

When you see the word “power” in the New Testament, chances are that it is a translation of the Greek word dunamis—the same word at the root of the English word “dynamic.” Philip’s encounter with the treasurer of the court of the queen of Ethiopia is just one example of how dynamically the Spirit can work through believers. It was the Spirit who put Philip at the right place at the right time and energized him so that he could tell this Ethiopian official about Jesus and bring him to conversion.

Far from being just an exciting story, this account tells us that God wants to energize us as well. He wants to empower us to bring people to conversion. There are so many today who, like the Ethiopian, are just waiting for someone to explain Jesus to them. And as Pope Benedict XVI said, “The world needs people capable of proclaiming and bearing witness to God who is love… . The Church’s mission is the extension of Christ’s mission: to bring God’s love to all, proclaiming it with words and with the concrete testimony of charity.”

The Spirit is eager and ready to empower us just as he empowered Philip. And just as the heart of the Ethiopian treasurer was prepared to receive the gospel, so too is the Spirit still preparing the hearts of those who are seeking him today. Just look around you. God will bring people to you—all you have to do is to rely on the Holy Spirit and follow his guidance.

“Lord, open my eyes to see the depth of your love for the people around me. Open my mind to the guidance of your Spirit. Open my mouth to proclaim your word wherever you ask me to go.”

Psalm 66:8-9, 16-17, 20; John 6:44-51
Word Among Us

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Medjugorje: Our Lady calls us to prepare for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

This call to conversion, to mend our ways, to freshen ourselves, to wash ourselves clean, to prepare for and allow the Holy Spirit to enter our lives once more, is echoed throughout Our Lady’s messages from Medjugorje.

Dear children! Today I invite you to open yourselves to God by means of prayer so the Holy Spirit may begin to work miracles in you and through you. I am with you and I intercede before God for each one of you because, dear children, each one of you is important in my plan of salvation. I invite you to be carriers of good and peace. God can give you peace only if you convert and pray. Therefore, my dear little children, pray, pray, pray and do that which the Holy Spirit inspires you. Thank you for having responded to my call. May 25, 1993

Dear children! Today I call you, through prayer and sacrifice, to prepare yourselves for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Little children, this is a time of grace and so, again, I call you to decide for God the Creator. Allow Him to transform and change you. May your heart be prepared to listen to, and live, everything which the Holy Spirit has in His plan for each of you. Little children, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you on the way of truth and salvation towards eternal life. Thank you for having responded to my call. May 25, 1998

Dear children! I rejoice with you and in this time of grace I call you to spiritual renewal. Pray, little children, that the Holy Spirit may come to dwell in you in fullness, so that you may be able to witness in joy to all those who are far from faith. Especially, little children, pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that in the spirit of love, every day and in each situation, you may be closer to your fellow-man; and that in wisdom and love you may overcome every difficulty. I am with you and I intercede for each of you before Jesus. Thank you for having responded to my call. May 25, 2000

Dear children! Also today I call you to prayer. Renew your personal prayer, and in a special way pray to the Holy Spirit to help you pray with the heart. I intercede for all of you, little children, and call all of you to conversion. If you convert, all those around you will also be renewed and prayer will be a joy for them. Thank you for having responded to my call. May 25, 2003