La Salette Father Pat hospitalized in France


father pat GRENOBLE, France — La Salette Father Andre “Pat” Patenaude, the “singing priest,” fell ill recently after a visit to India where he contracted pancreatic disease, a terribly painful illness.

He was spending the summer months at the original La Salette Shrine in the French Alps when he was taken ill last month and taken to the hospital in Grenoble. In severe pain, he was diagnosed with the serious infection. Because of the intense pain, a coma is often induced. This was done with Father Pat.
He has had two minor surgeries or procedures to remove fluids and relieve pressure. He is being kept “asleep,” partly because he must not eat or drink anything in his present condition. His sister, Rita, who was already in France at La Salette when he fell ill, is by his side as much as possible.

Father Pat is expected to be in a coma for about a month and will probably be hospitalized through October.
It is stressed that no cards are desired at this time.
Prayer is requested.

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