Medjugorje, Youth Festival 2012: "When you eat my body"

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Youth Festival in Medjugorje 2012. Song: "When you eat my body".
Youth Festival in Medjugorje is held every year in early August. Come and hear the voice of God speaking to you. God wants to tell you that you are important / important in the eyes of God.
See you in Medjugorje.
Thank you for Media Mir Medjugorje.

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

The Youth Festival was a great moment of grace and an awesome experience for the majority of the young people present this year again. So many hearts found or re-found their inner peace and the joy of living! The number of participants has exceeded previous years. For example, more than 600 priests attended the evening program; many concelebrated and others were available for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

One thing struck me among others, I met several young couples who had met during a previous Festival and then got married. They had the joy to share the same faith and the same fundamental goal for their family.

Children of Medjugorje