Many Saw Cross Form in Medjugorje Clouds

By Jakob Marschner

For individual discernment: Shortly after 7 pm on August 15, many pilgrims and local Medjugorje citizens noticed how a Cross appeared in the sky. Though the Cross formation initially looks like chemtrails from airplanes crossing each other, eye witnesses tell it appeared in the clouds.
cross light appeared cloud clouds sky skies medjugorje august 15 2012
The Cross appeared shortly into the evening Mass on the Feast of the Assumption. Photo: Facebook
cross formation formed sky skies medjugorje heaven light lightning medjugorje august 15 2012
The existence of photos taken by several people excludes manipulation. Photo: Facebook
cross light appeared sky skies medjugorje august 15 2012
The Cross was visible all around Medjugorje, here from near The Blue Cross. Photo: Facebook
cross formation clouds sky medjugorje august 15 2012 pilgrims locals feast assumption
The Cross seen from the parking lot next to St. James Church in Medjugorje. Photo: MaryTV
photo picture pic cross formed clouds medjugorje august 15 2012 feast assumption
The Cross captured by yet another photographer. Many grabbed for their camera. Photo: Facebook

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