Black and White, Dark and Light

Black and White, Dark and Light
By June Klins
   As my roommate, Chris, and I sat on the benches near the Risen Jesus statue behind St. James Church in Medjugorje on June 13, we noticed a mean-looking black dog walk into the area. Although I did not see this, others reported seeing the dog jump up and grab a box that a lady had in her lap. He reportedly clamped his teeth into it and would not let go. Then he left. Soon afterwards, a friendly-looking white dog came into the same area. Chris whispered to me regarding the contrast of the two dogs.
   When I finished praying the Rosary, I took some pictures of the Risen Jesus statue. It was approaching 9:30 P.M. and was dark by then. The first picture came out with many “orbs” around the Risen Jesus. Our guide later told us that  visionary Vicka says that those “orbs” are angels. I took another picture less than a minute later, and it came out with a bright blue sky looking like daylight! Chris and I were flabbergasted at these pictures.  We left the area and headed towards the back of the church to get a seat for the Adoration service which was to start at 10 P.M. 
   When we got over to the church, we met some members of our pilgrimage group. Chris told me to show them the pictures I had just taken. They got all excited and told me to show them to another group member, named Mary Jane, because she had gotten the same exact result when she took pictures of the Risen Jesus around the same time. First she got a picture with the orbs, and then she got the daylight picture!  This proved to all of us that it was not a malfunction of our individual cameras.
   Soon it was time for the Adoration service to begin. This has always been my very favorite part of the Medjugorje experience – praising Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament with people from all over the world. The peace is indescribable.
   We were not there for very long when, suddenly, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that the black dog from earlier ran by me, down the aisle between the benches. Right after the black dog ran the white dog. All of a sudden, you could hear fierce growling, and people who had been kneeling in the aisles began screaming and jumping out of the way. So much for peace!  I had been kneeling and was forced to jump back onto the bench as people jumped back into my space. Then just as quickly as it started, it seemed to stop.
  It was peaceful again, but not for long. Pretty soon there was a very loud shrieking that was utterly un-human. It did not take long to realize there was a possessed person nearby. It was very unsettling, and I would presume that after hearing that, there was not a soul there who would not believe in the existence of the devil.  I felt very sorry for this possessed person. I prayed and prayed for him. The shrieking went on, and on and on. It seemed to go on almost the whole hour. I never looked at my watch, so I don’t know. It did finally stop towards the end of the holy hour.
    Later, some members of our group told us that they were in the vicinity of this possessed person, and that there were many priests gathered around him praying. At the end, they took this person and stood him in front of the Monstrance, and moved him each time the priest blessed an area with the Monstrance.  One of our group members remembered seeing this person inside the church before Adoration. People were praying over him in front of the statue of Our Lady. I can only guess that this person’s family brought him to Medjugorje to be healed. Praised be Jesus that he seemed to be healed.
    When I returned from my pilgrimage, I began to reflect upon all of the events of that evening. I realized that in my six days in Medjugorje after that night, I never saw the black dog again, even though I did see the friendly white dog several times!  And when I told a subscriber named Cathy about my incredible photos, she suggested that the meaning of the photos was that “light will follow the darkness!”  At the time, it had not occurred to me to connect the dogs, the photos and the possessed person.  But then it all came together when I read a powerful message Our Lady gave on March 14, 1985. If we would all heed this message, then we can help hasten the promise Our Lady made in Fatima – the promise hinted at by the white dog, the daylight photo, and the healed man:  “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”
   "Dear children! In your life you have all experienced light and darkness. God grants to every person to recognize good and evil. I am calling you to the light which you should carry to all the people who are in darkness. People who are in darkness daily come into your homes. Dear children, give them the light! Thank you for having responded to my call."(3/14/85)  
Source: http://www.spiritofmedjugorje.org/                                               


We are Called to the Light
The following is an excerpt from a talk given by Fr. Slavko Barbaric on June 6, 1986.

   Why is there so much darkness? You are not created for darkness. In the beginning there was the light, but sin brought darkness. Our Lady makes us once more aware that we are the light; we are called to the light and not to darkness.  Every sin extinguishes the light and brings darkness.  Why are there so many troubles in families?  Why are there so many divorces?  Why so many abortions?  Why many other disasters?  Why so much alcohol and so many drugs?  Darkness – darkness in our hearts, darkness in our families.  All these troubles happen in darkness, not in the light.  So we need the light then, but we are still a long way off from becoming the reflection and becoming the light. But we must not despair. If Our Lady is inviting us to the light, She is calling us to conversion, which means growing in the light and growing in love.  Our Lady is offering Herself here, and Her love, and wants to lead us to Jesus, Who is the Giver of all gifts.  Our Lady is the Mediatrix for all gifts. 
Source of this article  http://www.spiritofmedjugorje.org/   


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