Blind Women Saw After Sun Miracle

By Jakob Marschner

Raffaella Mazzocchi was blind on one eye when her family persuaded her to go to Medjugorje. When she saw a sun miracle, she first turned blind on both eyes for five minutes. But she could see when she opened up her sick eye, and when she opened both, her inexplicable healing was complete.

solar sun miracle medjugorje apparition mirjana dragicevic soldo october 2 2011
The major sun miracle during visionary Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo’s apparition on October 2nd 2011. After watching a similar occurence, Raffaella Mazzocchi’s sight was restored

Blinded on one eye without notice, then healed from one moment to the next. There is nothing gradual to the story of Raffaella Mazzocchi’s eye sight.

At age 16, on December 22nd 2001, the Italian girl completely lost sight on her right eye while she was at school. Doctors found her condition was due to retrobulbar optic neuritis, a virus that irreversibly destroys the optic nerve.

“It is a diagnosis without hope of recovery, and no treatment seemed to work. I was forced to leave school because I could not study. I could not even sleep, I went ahead with psychotropic drugs, and in this state I lived in a nightmare for eight years. I lost faith, and I stopped attending church” Raffaella Mazzocchi tells in her testimony at Messaggi Medjugorje.

raffaella mazzocchi
Raffaella Mazzocchi

“One day, my aunts, my mother and my sister decided to go to Medjugorje, and at all costs they wanted to take me with them. I was reluctant but eventually succumbed to the entreaties of my family, but I had no intention of praying for my recovery.”

Raffaella Mazzocchi and her family arrived in Medjugorje and went to climb Apparition Hill on June 26th 2009. On the way down, something unusual caught the family’s attention.

“My sister noticed that the sun moved in a non-normal way, and seemed to be dancing. So I grabbed the my sister’s sunglasses and with my good eye, the left, I first clearly saw the sun rotating and pulsating, almost approaching my face and moving back again, and then changing color constantly, becoming red, blue, orange, green” Raffaella Mazzocchi recounts.

blue cross croce azzuro plavi kriz blaue kreuz croix bleu medjugorje
The Blue Cross by the foot of Apparition Hill in Medjugorje where many apparitions have taken place, and where Raffaella Mazzocchi got her eye sight back

“I finally took off the sunglasses and started to cry desperately because I realized that I had also lost the sight on my left eye and had become completely blind. My screams attracted many pilgrims who gathered around me but I kept screaming more and more desperately because I felt a strong burning in my eyes.”

“This total blindness lasted five minutes, the longest of my life.When she saw I was in panic, my mom got me seated and somehow managed to calm me down” the young Italian woman tells.

“While I kept my head down and my eyes closed, suddenly I felt the urge to open my right eye, the sick one, and I realized that I could see my hands. I opened the other eye and I could see very well with that, too.”

sun miracle spectacle solar wonder sign medjugorje
The sun miracle that Raffaella Mazzocchi saw in June 2009

“By moving my hands back and forth before my eyes, I realized that I was healed, but instead of jumping with joy, I was overcome by fear and locked. From seeing my eyes, my mother noticed the change in me and ran up to hug me. So did all the many pilgrims” Raffaella Mazzocchi tells.

“From that day, my sight has been fully recovered, and even now I have a perfect view of 11/10. And, more importantly, I also picked up the faith again because now, finally, we see in all directions.”

While the story of Raffaella Mazzocchi is relatively well-known in Italy, it has not been told in English before.


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