A Spiritual Renewal; A Journey to Medjugorje

Alberta Sequeira

New Memoir

My new memoir A Spiritual Renewal; A Journey to Medjugorje is available through PayPal autographed to you or another person you are sending it to. It's due any time to be available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Review: The visit to Medjugorje can be called a spiritual awakening. Medjugorje is a place where believers need not make apologies for their love of God, for their need to have Jesus in their heart, and for praying. Alberta for so long has left prayer out of her busy life. In Medjugorje there is nothing to distract one from Jesus and His mother’s teachings. Alberta meets four of the six visionaries, is present for two apparitions and makes a triumphant hike to the top of Cross Mountain in the middle of a frightening heart fibrillation. For those who have strayed from their faith, this book could be the key needed to open a door to a journey back to God. In a world that is learning how not to believe, disillusioned by church scandals, distracted by TV, the Internet, and a busy lifestyle, this loving memoir could be just what is needed to get those from all spiritual viewpoints back on track.   http://www.ahealingheart.net/

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