Medjugorje Busier than ever

Medjugorje is busy as never before
By Jakob Marschner

All hotel and pansion rooms in Medjugorje were occupied last weekend, and pilgrims who came without a booking ended up sleeping in their car. I have lived here all my life, seen most big events throughout the years, and I can honestly say I never saw Medjugorje this busy, a local guide reports.

medjugorje pilgrims record number
All the benches and the entire lawn next to the outdoor altar by St. James Church were afloat with people on April 29

Unusually many pilgrims visited Medjugorje last weekend April 28-29, and some arrived to the surprise that they could not find a bed to sleep in, local guide and webmaster Mate Vasilj tells us from Medjugorje.

“I think the whole of Italy moved to Medjugorje. I have lived here throughout my whole life, and I have been around on most of the busy events through the years, and I will say this with a clear conscience, I have never seen Medjugorje this busy” Mate Vasilj reports at medjugorje.net.

mate vasilj medjugorje guide blogger webmaster
Mate Vasilj

“There are people still looking for a bed to sleep, there are some groups that arrived hoping they will find accomodation once they arrive since they were not able to do it by the phone/email, they ended up sleeping in the van.”

“I went to the evening Mass last night, and the whole space behind the church, all of the benches and all of the lawn was packed. It was pretty impressive but also quite intriguing, I wonder where did they all find accommodation?” Mate Vasilj writes.


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