October Baby Movie

Friend of the Unborn:

I'm asking for your support and help on the showing of October Baby. We had to commit to at least 750 people to view the movie, in order to get it here in Rhode Island.

That's why I'm asking YOU to please spread the word that October Baby is being shown at Cinemaworld Lincoln Mall16 in Lincoln, R.I. Pass this email to your contacts. I'm attaching a flier if you can get posted in your Church, or an announcement in your Church bulletin I would greatly appreciate it.

October Baby will open the weekend of April 13th, at Cinemaworld Lincoln Mall 16, 622 George Washington Hgwy, Lincoln, RI.

 It will run the whole week, BUT THAT the commitment requires that I have all 750 tickets pre-purchased before that date- all of which must be tickets for the weekend showtimes.

The movie line is 401-333-8676 tickets will be available soon. The customer service is 401-333-8019. They can also be purchased at Cinemaworld, Linclon Mall 16. Cinemaworld's website is or online http://www.cinemaworldonline.com/lincoln/index_full.asp  . PLEASE let all your contacts know! If the weekend is successful, the theater will keep the movie another week- that weekend totals matter the most!

Thanks for your help and support,
Mike Krzywonos

*October Baby Movie--A Pro-Life Movie Showing the Pain of Abortion*
October Baby” tells the story of 19-year-old Hannah. A health crisis turns her world upside down when her parents are forced to reveal that Hannah was adopted and the survivor of a failed abortion. The news sends Hannah reeling and on a journey to find her birth mother.
Movie Preview   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L52Lciaui4o

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