Dear Family of Mary!

Ivan encounters Our Lady at St. Joseph Cchurch,
Kalamazoo  1-31-2012   Mary tv

February 2, 2012

The Presentation of the Lord

Dear Family of Mary!

"Again I say to you, if you knew how much I love you, you would cry with happiness. Thank you." (March 18, 2009 - Mirjana)

I have begun transcribing Ivan's talk, given on January 31, 2012, at St. Joseph's Church, Kalamazoo! It was a beautiful evening of prayer. The apparition lasted a long time that night, and many of you were able to experience it, live, through the internet on Mary TV. Our website was overwhelmed with the number of people who were attempting to join for the apparition, and so not everyone was able to see the live transmission. To those who were not able to view the apparition, we apologize. We are continuing our work to expand our capacity, so that everyone can participate. But your desire certainly has draw down graces upon you. God will not be outdone!

We will have the recorded version of the evening at St. Joesph's Church posted on our website soon. In the meantime, I will share the transcription of Ivan's talk, in sections. It was a long talk, full of interesting details of Ivan's experiences with Our Lady:

My dear priests, my dear friends in Christ, and also in a special way everyone who is joining us over the internet - I would like to greet all of you as well. I am very happy that I am with you here tonight. I am very happy that I am here to share with you the good and joyful news that Our Mother has been sharing with us for these 30 years. Our mother comes to us she comes to us when her children are most in need. She comes to her children when her children are in trouble. She has come because she wishes to lead us out of this dead end which this world finds itself in. Throughout the 30 years of these apparitions, truly this has been a turning point for humanity, for the family, for the Church. And when I say that we are at a turning point, what I mean is: will we walk the way of God or will we walk the way of the world?

Our Lady is calling us to make a decision for God. Because in Him is our peace. This world is not able to give us peace. That peace which the world offers us will very quickly disappoint us. That is why we must make a decision for God. That is why we must accept these treasures which are eternal. He alone is not temporary. Everything else is passing. We are on this earth only as pilgrims. We are on a journey. That is why we must make a decision. We must decide to walk the right way. Jesus is calling us. Our Lady is calling us. "Come to me all of you all who are tired and heavy laden, I will give you rest. I will give you strength."

We have come here tonight to the source. We have come here to Jesus, to encounter Him. We have come to the Holy Mass. The Mass is the center of our lives. Our Lady says: "My dear children, let the Holy Mass be the center of your lives." At one apparition with Our Lady, the six of us were kneeling before her, and Our Lady said to us, "My dear children, if tomorrow you needed to choose between having an encounter with me and coming to me, or to go to the Holy Mass, no, do not come to me, go to the Holy Mass. Because when you go to the Holy Mass you are going to an encounter with Jesus. You are surrendering to Him and opening yourself to Him and receiving Him."

We have come here tonight to our Mother. We have come here tonight to throw ourselves into her embrace. We have brought her our needs, our desires and our problems. We have come to her to say to her: "Mother, pray for us. Pray for us and intercede before your Son for all of us." Our Mother prays for us. She is always with us even when it is most difficult. She is with us with her Son. But we must respond to this question. How much are we with her? How much time to we spend with her in prayer every day? Our Mother loves us so much. Her tears of joy flow because of her great love for us. And in one message she says: "My dear children, if you knew how much I love you and care for you, you would cry for joy!" So great is the love of Our Mother.

She carries us in her heart. She has placed us in her heart. And tonight during the apparition she was so happy and joyful. That joy was seen in her face and in her eyes. So great is her love. It is 30 years now since Our Mother has been with us. Our Mother , who teaches us and who is raising us. Our mother is a great pastoral teacher and a teacher who raises us pastorally. Her son has sent her to guide us. She said, "My dear children, my Son has sent me to help you." To be with Our Lady for 30 years... just imagine if you were able to spend just one minute with her for 30 years! To be in that light of heaven! It's not so easy to return to this earth after that. I wish I could remain with her hours and days, kneeling before her. Just to look at her smile, her beauty, truly it is a great gift. And I don't know if I will ever be sufficiently thankful for this gift in my life. It is a great gift and also it is a great responsibility. I know that God has given much to me, but I also know that He has asked a lot of me. (Ivan Dragicevic, January 31, 2012, St. Joseph's Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Transcribed from the Mary TV recording)

Notice that Ivan greeted everyone who joined him by internet that evening. He made us all feel so welcome! Isn't this exciting! And Our Mother came to us that night, full of joy! That is also exciting! We need joy! We need the excitement of her love. Thank you, dear Mother Mary, for coming every day for us!

God bless you all, more tomorrow!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2012

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