Jesus still heals people today.

“They caught sight of the man … sitting there clothed and in his right mind.” (Mark 5:15)

Today we are once again reminded of Jesus’ power to heal and restore people. The Gospels are filled with stories like this—so much that it’s hard to deny that Jesus really did perform works of healing and deliverance. But what may be less accepted is the claim that the risen Jesus still heals people today!

Yes, Jesus wants to heal us, both physically and interiorly. He wants to set us free from sickness and from the guilt, anxieties, fear, and bitter­ness that bind us up and keep us distant from him. And he wants to do this through us. That’s right—he wants you to be an instrument of his peace and healing!

The church teaches that when we are baptized, we are given a share in the very life of God. Doesn’t it make sense, then, that this would include a share in Jesus’ ability to heal? St. Paul goes so far as to list healing as one of the gifts that the Holy Spirit pours out on believers (1 Corinthians 12:9).

As members of the body of Christ, we can all pray for people to be made whole. All it takes is a simple prayer, asking Jesus to come to those who are hurting. We can ask him to give them peace. We can ask him to speak his words of comfort and heal­ing to their hearts and bodies. Any one of us can soak our loved ones in prayer and trust that God will per­form just the right healing at just the right time.

In recent years, the church has seen a remarkable growth in the number of teams of lay people who are learning how to pray with parish­ioners who come to them for heal­ing. Many come with heavy burdens like serious illness, family problems, relationship difficulties, and inner wounds. These healing teams are careful not to try to solve people’s problems or give advice. Their one goal is to create an open, trusting environment so that people can meet Jesus, the Great Physician.

Jesus is still healing people today! As Scripture states so beautifully: “The Lord is close to the broken­hearted” (Psalm 34:19).

“Jesus, teach me how to be your instrument of healing, peace, and restoration.”

2 Samuel 15:13-14,30; 16:5-13; Psalm 3:2-7

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