2011 Became The Busiest Year in Medjugorje

By Jakob Marschner

In 2011, the total number of Holy Communions distributed during Mass in Medjugorje went above 2 million for the first time. The number of concelebrations by priests was likewise record-high in passing 40,000, also for the first time.

priests mass medjugorje
Priests were involved in two Medjugorje records in 2011: Never before did so many of them come - and never before did they distribute so many Holy Communions to parishioners and pilgrims

2,027,900 Holy Communions would be enough if all the inhabitants of Houston, Texas, were to receive the Body of Christ one time each. Yet the number does not stem from Houston, but from Medjugorje where more than two million distributed Holy Communions in one year was registred for the first time in 2011.

The number climbed from 1,571,800, a rise of 29 percent compared to 2010 which was itself a record year. 1,378,600 Holy Communions were distributed in Medjugorje in 2009, according to parish statistics.
A record number of priests handed out the more than two million Holy Communions. 41,094 concelebrations of Mass were registred in Medjugorje in 2011, up from 38,227 the previous year. The figures are not descriptive of the actual number of visiting priests, as most concelebrate more than one Mass during their stay in Medjugorje.

The current Medjugorje boom in Italy accounts for some of the progress, though not all of it. 8,171 Italian concelebrations took place in 2011, up from 7,270 the year before and 4,718 in 2009.


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