Become my extended hands...

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Become my extended hands...

“Become my extended hands...” In light of these words from the most recent message of Our Lady, this article by Fr Jozo Zovko is very fitting.

• A mother told me that her son, about fifteen years ago, was hospitalised in Germany. He was in a coma for six months. Initially she and her husband were not allowed to see their son because the doctors thought that the boy would be traumatised if he saw his parents. The young boy had fallen from a tall building and had fractured all of his bones. When the physicians felt they could not do anything more for the boy they told the parents, “We do not expect your son to live. Now you may visit him.”

His mother had prepared herself for that visit through prayer and fasting. She, her husband, and their other children went to the hospital. The doctors accompanied them to the boy’s room. There they saw what appeared to be a long white stone upon the bed; he was completely covered in a cast except for his forehead. His mother laid her hand on her son’s forhead and began praying. During the prayer her son awoke from the coma and said, “Mama.”

The doctors were taken aback. They tried to explain this phenomenon. They said that when the mother touched her son’s body she transmitted her heartbeat to him through her pulse, and the boy recognised it and was awakened. When the mother heard this explanation she said, “No, it is not true. What does pulse mean? I prayed for my son, and Our Lady awoke him.”

Today this man is in good health and comes often to Medjugorje. His mother was right. Our Lady for the past years has been holding her hands upon the body of the Church, as she held her hand upon the body of the young man in a coma, and watched and prayed for him every day. Now she is watching over you every day.

Our Lady has given us the Son, whom one does not lose. Our Lady holds your hands. Will she succeed in awaking you? It depends on you. Medjugorje is more than a clinic; it is a large candle always burning brightly for prayer, love and peace. People pray everywhere in Medjugorje. They pray together in church, on the mountain and in their homes. They pray throughout the day.

• Adapted from Fr Jozo’s book: Medjugorje, A Testimony

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Daily Grace said...

Prayer has become their joy in Medjugorge. We must pray that it will become our joy here in America.

Thank you for sharing this story of hope.