A Family On Our Route

Fr. Kevin Scallon & Sr. Briege Mc Kenna

A family on our route 

Recently, we rejoiced over Sr. Briege McKenna's presence at our home. She is that nun who, with Fr. Kevin Scallon, travels the world to make Jesus in the Eucharist loved and to use her gift of healing among others. Fr. Kevin, as well, has much to share with us...

One Christmas night, as he was on the road towards his nephew's house, he found himself stranded on the side of the road at 9:00pm. It was impossible to get his car started and he still had an hour drive ahead of him. There wasn't a soul in sight since he left Dublin. By the light of the Christmas moon he saw a cottage on the far side of the roaddirectly across from where he was parked.

There was a light burning in the window, so he decided to ask the people in the house for the use of their phone. He went through the little white wooden gate, up the path and knocked on the door. After a moment, a youngish man opened the door and greeted him warmly. Looking past him into the house the priest saw a young woman with a baby in her arms. She was holding the baby's little head close to her cheek. She smiled at the priest who asked the man if they had a phone. He replied very gently, "No we don't, but if you walk back to the town there is a man there who has a bicycle shop and he will let you use his phone. You can't miss the house. It's to the right of the supermarket." The priest thanked the couple and wished them a Happy Christmas. "Will the car be alright there?" he asked the man. "Oh yes, I'll see to that," he replied.

So, on that bright dry moonlit Christmas night the priest walked back to the town and found the bicycle shop. On the way he could not stop himself from thinking of his encounter with the couple and their baby, and especially by the strange aroma in the house. It was not an Irish smell. For some reason it reminded him of his recent visit to the Holy Land. And why was the house lit only by candles?

The owner of the bicycle shop opened the door, and listened as the priest recounted his predicament. He permitted him to call his nephew, and as he waited, the bicycle-man's wife offered him tea and Christmas cake which he gladly accepted. She talked about the weather, and how Christmas was so quiet this year, etc. Sure enough, the nephew arrived within the hour. They said goodbye to the couple and departed. They stopped at the priest's stricken vehicle to discover that the fan belt was missing. They returned the next day with a local mechanic to fetch the car.

 Having done the necessary repairs, the priest turned to pay a visit to the young family and headed for the little white gate. He could not find it. There was only the hedge, and beyond it, a simple green field with no house anywhere to be seen. On the return journey the nephew spoke the whole time. As for Fr. Kevin, he remained silent. It was the Feast of the Holy Family.

Dearest Gospa, may this Christmas be for us the best Christmas of our life! Please enter into our homes, in our rooms and in our hearts! Come and place in them the treasure of treasures, your Newborn Baby, and teach us to adore Him as you adore Him!
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