Reflection by Fr. Ted Edmund who was recently in Medjugorje

Reflection by Fr. Ted (edmundshipp@msn.com)
October 25, 2011

My dearest Lord Jesus, thank You for allowing me to be in Medjugorje with a group of pilgrims earlier this month and for allowing me to be at the Medjugorje Peace conference in Irvine this past weekend.
You wanted me to share with many of my brothers and sisters the Good News about Your incredible love for each and every one of us.

So many do not realize the depth of the love that You and Your Father and Your Holy Spirit have for us.
So many do not know the reason why You created us.

They do not know that You created us in Your image and likeness. They do not know that “they are wonderfully made”.
They do not realize that when they were baptized they became members of Your Most Holy Family.
They do not realize that You are their brother. And that is why You have commanded us to love one another. For we are all brothers and sisters of each other together with You.
They do not realize that You created them so that they could know You, and could love You, and also serve You while here on earth and, above all, so that they could join You in Heaven to enjoy You together with the Father and the Holy Spirit forever.
They do not realize what a delightful place Heaven is – as Saint Paul reminded us in the first reading for today’s Holy Mass.

While I was in Medjugorje and at the Medjugorje Peace conference, You allowed me to teach many of them these truths as well as to enable them to experience the healing mercy that You offer to them through the sacrament of reconciliation – and through the powerful anointing of them with the blessed oil.
Yes, Jesus, You want so many to experience Your love – to experience Your mercy.
You want all of us who have begun to experience this incredible love and mercy of Yours to help others to do so as well.

Help us each day to seek Your love – to seek Your mercy, Lord.
Help us to share Your love and to share Your mercy, Lord.
Through Mary, the Queen of Peace, may we bring to others Your eternal peace.
As You also mentioned yesterday in the Gospel for the anniversary of the death of a friend, that You are the Way, and the Truth and the Life.
So may we walk Your Way, live Your Truth, and enjoy Your Life, now and forever.

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