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The north side of St. JamesChurch
where 36 new confessionals are
under constuction.

Medjugorje Expands to 61 Confessionals
by Jakob Marschner

Always famous for the long lines of people waiting to go to confession, Medjugorje is now building 36 more outdoor confessionals to facilitate more privacy and fewer open air confessions. When construction is finished, there will be confessionals both north and south of St. James’ Church.

When the apparitions began in Medjugorje, one of the first visible changes was the sudden stream of people who wanted to go to confession. This stream never stopped and so, for many years now, Medjugorje has been known as ‘the world’s confessional’.

At the moment this status is being expressed in construction work beside the local St. James’ Church. By building 36 new confessionals the parish of Medjugorje will take the total number to 61, more than doubling today’s 25 confessionals.

Earlier this week, parish staff removed all of the outdoor benches on the north side of St. James’ Church where the candles are lit. A webbed and metal fence was been put up, and construction of the new confessionals on that side of the church began in the configuration of a U with passageways to walk.

The new confessionals are intended to minimize need of open air confessions
Parish staff officials tell Medjugorje Today that the change is needed, citing reasons of privacy among many other factors leading to the decision to build the new confessionals.
 Conditions during the warmer months of the year when more than 300 priests are oftentimes willing to hear confessions also influenced the decision, parish staff members said.

Barbara Camenga reported from Medjugorje
Spirit Daily is circulating this story

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