Holy Spirit, give me the strength and the courage to spread the good news.

Meditation: Romans 15:14-21
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“I will not dare to speak of anything except what Christ has accomplished through me.” (Romans 15:18)

Although he has spent a great deal of time ministering to established Christian communities, Paul’s deepest desire was to break new ground, to make Christ known to those who had never heard of him. So he invited the believers in Rome —virtual strangers to him —to pray for his missionary work.

Those of us who live in nations with a long history of Christianity may feel far removed from concerns such as Paul’s. Surely everyone we encounter recognizes the name of Jesus and knows something of his life and how important he is.

Or do they? In many ways, we live in a “post-Christian” world, where many people believe that all our problems can be solved by scientific advances, more just laws, or social changes. They may have heard of Jesus, but they haven’t experienced his love for them. They may know a few things about Jesus’ life, but they haven’t heard that he wants to enter into a personal relationship with them that can change their lives. That’s the message we can give to people.

*In your prayer today, spend a few moments asking the Lord to give you the conviction and the courage you need to go out and spread the good news. Evangelization begins with this inner conviction from the Holy Spirit. It begins with the conviction that Jesus wants every person to come to know him as Lord and Savior —and that he wants us to be his instruments. Then, ask the Holy Spirit to give you an opportunity today to share this good news with someone.

As you go about your day, stay alert for the openings the Spirit will give you. The possibilities could range from a worried stranger on a hospital elevator, to your daughter who is upset about her day, to a friend you see in the grocery store. Offer to say the Lord’s Prayer with him or her, offer a word of comfort, talk about Jesus and his love. And if this person declines your offer, you can always offer a blessing in the quiet of your heart!

“Holy Spirit, give me the strength and the courage to spread the good news.”

Psalm 98:1-4; Luke 16:1-8

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Fr. John Randall says incredible things happen when people experience the spirit.

Fr. John Randall said after he experienced the Holy Spirit, every time he followed one of God's plans, it worked.