Medjugorje: Seer at Famous Apparition Gave Enthralling Hints of What May Be in Her First “Secrets”

Mirjana in a serious momement

Seer at Famous Apparition Gave Enthralling Hints of What May Be in Her First “Secrets”

Part II

Editor’s note: In 1985, Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo gave some rare and revealing indications of what is in the secret prophecies she maintains the Blessed Mother gave her before her daily apparitions halted in 1982. This interview with Fr Petar Lubicic, the priest who will reveal the secrets to the world, is continued from the September, 2011 issue.

Father Ljubicic: Out of the ten secrets that each of you will receive – and you and Ivanka [Ivankovic] already did [now also a third named Jakov Colo] – do you know which of them will be exactly the same? I mean, which secrets will be exactly the same for you, for Ivanka, and the others?

Mirjana: No, I don’t know.

Father Ljubicic: Someone said that only three of the secrets that each of you received are identical, while all the others are different.

Mirjana: The one about the sign is identical, I am positive about that because there will not be six different signs.

Father Ljubicic: Not on the same spot.

Mirjana: The sign is the same sign. Personally, I never spoke about the secrets with any [of the others]. After all, in the same way that the secrets were entrusted to me, that is how they were entrusted to the others as well.

Father Ljubicic: Thus far I never spoke with you about the permanency of the sign. Each of you maintains persistently that it will be indestructible, permanent, and very large. Accordingly, one will be able to understand it as something tangible.

Mirjana: Yes, the sign will be indestructible and permanent. Naturally, it will be clear to everyone that it is not something constructed and erected. Nobody will be able to say that it was brought and placed in that particular spot by, let us say, someone from Medjugorje.

Father Ljubicic: The sign’s manifestation – will it be during the day or night? By asking that, am I encroaching on the secret?

Mirjana: Oh, that is a secret. I cannot answer because that touches upon… the secret already has a specific date and time.

Father Ljubicic: Does the secret have a specified minute and second?

Mirjana: I know the exact day and the hour.

Father Ljubicic: Do you anticipate that there may be some people, some souls, who will perhaps ‘feel’ something, without anyone else’s knowledge or anticipation, that something is about to happen and will, therefore, come in large numbers?

Mirjana: I do not know. But I did have the opportunity to ask Our Lady something to that effect. I do know that, during the secret’s manifestation, there will be spiritual conversions.

Father Ljubicic: There will be conversions?

Mirjana: Yes, there will be conversions.

Father Ljubicic: Do you think that [of those who will convert] a majority of them will be those who were suspicious, who doubted, who didn’t believe?...

Mirjana: There will be all kinds: those who were just suspicious, those who didn’t believe at all, and others.

Father Ljubicic: Do you think that there will still be those who will remain hardened – despite the explicit, tangible, visible signs and warnings?

Mirjana: Yes.

Father Ljubicic: There will be?

Mirjana: Yes, there will be.

Father Ljubicic: Yes, of course, just as there always were. Even today, so many see the obvious works of God, yet they simply reject Him because they are so hardened, just as the Pharisees did.

Mirjana: Those are the ones who have shut their souls to God.

Father Ljubicic: Let me touch upon Our Lady’s latest message. It seems that Our Lady is drawing attention to our greatest enemy, Satan. It seems that he is increasing his attacks, that he is attempting to create confusion and entangle the entire situation.

Mirjana: He is responsible for the unbelievers – Satan. This is why she said to bless the home with Holy Water on Saturdays. He is the one who makes people into unbelievers. Who else?

Father Ljubicic: Do you think that Godlessness is growing or decreasing today?

Mirjana: Father, it is increasing. A miracle is necessary for Godlessness to decrease.

In a later interview with the same priest, Mirjana expanded upon the other secrets, urging especially conversion of the young. They were especially the ones Mary wept over, she explained. “I now know about things that are not particularly pleasant,” said the visionary, whose daily apparitions halted in 1982, when she received the tenth secret – the first of the six to do so. “I believe that if everyone knew about these same things, each one of these people would be ‘shocked’ to their senses and would view our world in a completely different light. Of course, my greatest advice to all is to pray for all the unbelievers. You see, Mary expends the greatest amount of time talking about that very thing. We must also not forget the elderly and the infirm. They are ours, too. They sacrificed their whole lives. Many of them lived their entire lives for God and in prayer. Their senior years shouldn’t have to be sad and miserable. I cannot elaborate much more, it is hard for me [to do that]. You see, so much is tied to the secrets. If the people saw the first secret, as it was shown to me, all of them would most certainly be shaken enough to take a new and different look at themselves and everything around them.”

Father Ljubicic: The manifestation of that secret, will it only be a momentary thing or will it be something that will last for an extended period?

Mirjana: It will last for a little while.

Father Ljubicic: Little while?

Mirjana: Little.

Father Ljubicic: Will its effect be lasting and permanent or will its effect be momentary and passing?

Mirjana: How can I explain that without encroaching on the secret? Let me just say that it won’t be good at all, it won’t be pleasant.

Father Ljubicic: After that, if anyone were to come here knowing that such and such had occurred, will that person be able to see anything – any evidence that something indeed did happen here?

Mirjana: Yes, yes, yes.

Father Ljubicic: It will be visible?

Mirjana: Yes.

Father Ljubicic: This whole situation: it seems that she is trying to prepare us and to ‘dress’ us with saintliness, God’s Love and perfection, so that we may greet Our Lord when He comes. Is there anything that signals something of that nature?

Mirjana: Just as any mother, she cares for her children. She wants us to come and meet God the Father well-prepared. She doesn’t want us to weep and wail when it’s too late. God said that He forgives at any time – providing the soul repents sincerely. All she asks for, the one thing she waits for, is for all of us to repent so that we may be forgiven. What follows are the secrets that are really unpleasant. I would be happy if everyone would finally understand that. I cannot tell [the secrets], but once they begin to be fulfilled, then it will be too late.

Father Ljubicic: Will the interval between the first and second secret be lengthy?

Mirjana: That varies according to the secrets. What I mean is that, for example, the time between the first and second secrets is of a certain period, between the second and third is of different length. For example, and I stress: for example, the first secret may take place today and the second one already tomorrow.

Father Ljubicic: Tell me, what do you think about the people who are specially inspired by God, I mean persons who are having genuine mystical experiences, the mysterious experiences? I am talking about those to whom God is showing and saying something, in a variety of ways – things that will occur in the future. Can you make a connection between them and the present world situation?

Mirjana: I believe that they, too, were chosen by Mary – just as we were. All of us were not chosen because we are somehow better than the rest – not at all. I simply mean that all of them were chosen to help people, to focus the people’s attention [on God], to tell people [about Him and all that will happen], to instruct the ones around them in some way, to talk with them and to tell them what Mary says. To do and say the same things that she tells us. Perhaps people will listen to them. The main task for all of us [seers] is to spread the faith in God.
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