Healing Ministry: Fr. Peter Rookey and Fr. Joseph Whalen

L to R Fr. Peter Rookey & Fr. Joseph Whalen

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Fr. Joseph Whalen

A Message from Fr. Rookey
Put out into the deep, and lower your nets. . . When they had done so, they enclosed a great number of fishes. . . . All were amazed. . . Henceforth thou shalt catch men. (Lk 5). As we now embark on our new venture with the INTER-NET we are reminded of another Peter, and his above experience with another kind of NET, which was to herald his mission to catch many men for Christ. As we too put out into the deep with this website, our humble and fervent prayer is that Jesus will use it to mercifully net many precious souls for his heavenly kingdom. We also pray that the Lord will bless all of you and your dear ones with his gentle, gracious touch, and grant you that peace and joy which He alone can give.
God love you,
Fr. Peter, OSM

Rev. Joseph F. Whalen, M.S.
Fr. Joseph Whalen, M.S. was born in Quincy, Massachusetts and received his call to the priesthood late in life. He entered Pope John XXlll Seminary, a seminary for delayed vocations, and completed four years of advanced graduate studies. On September 9, 1989, at the age of 66, he was ordained a Roman Catholic priest by Bishop Alfred Hughes and became a La Salette Missionary. His dramatic life story is a story of "how God writes straight with crooked lines!" His ministries are many and he is a champion of the sick, the elderly, drug addicts, alcoholics, families, and those in need. The charism of the La Salette's is Reconcilliation ... of compassion and mercy to the repentant;he is noted for his ability to hear confessions hour upon hour. He gives us a tremendous story of Almighty God's love, grace and mercy in the circumstances of his own life; he is also the founder of the renowned Archangel St. Raphael Holy Healing Ministry. Father’s message is to realize that It’s Never Too Late to Live. Fr. Whalen conducts many healing services every year and his St. Raphael Healing Ministry is international. Fr. Whalen has spent his entire priesthood witnessing Christ’s healing presence and helping countless people to find hope in the midst of life's many challenges.

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