"This stone shall be our witness." -Joshua 24:27

One of the most important words in the Bible is "witness." Joshua said to the people: "You are your own witnesses that you have chosen to serve the Lord" (Jos 24:22). Joshua even set up a large stone as a witness. We have the custom of attaching little stones to rings, putting these rings and stones on our fingers, and using them as witnesses to our marriage vows.

Isaiah prophesied that we are called to be God's witnesses (Is 43:10). Shortly before His ascension, Jesus commanded: "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes down on you; then you are to be My witnesses" (Acts 1:8). We are to be witnesses for Jesus right where we are and then even to the ends of the earth.

Are you a witness for Jesus? When was the last time you took the witness stand at home, work, school, or church? Don't be ashamed of the gospel (Rm 1:16). Acknowledge Jesus publicly (Mt 10:32). Don't give Jesus the "silent treatment," but openly, boldly, freely, and courageously speak of your love for Him. Try to never let a day pass without witnessing to someone about Jesus.

Prayer: Jesus, stir into flame the grace of my Confirmation so I will witness for You (2 Tm 1:6).


Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Friends, may we be the same instruments of God for others. We pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to guide and enlighten us. Let us use wisely what God has given to us and be an example of Light shining in an ever-increasing darkened world. It is the Light of Christ that scatters all darkness. Through our witness and dedication to Christ let us choose to be His vessels of light so that all that is in the dark will scatter and others will come to know the Lord we love and serve.

May God bless you always,
~ Fr. Michael J. Slusz ~

Daily Grace said...

This is beautiful!