A Little Reflection (by Sr. Isabel)

A Little Reflection (by Sr. Isabel)

Happy Anniversary! For 30 years, Our Lady has been giving us her messages, messages of peace and love. She calls us to live her messages so that we can be witnesses to a world in need of peace. Our example speaks volumes to those whose faith is weak and to those who have no faith. They wonder what is the cause of our peace, our joy and our love. They wonder what it is that makes us happy. True peace and true happiness rests in our relationship with Jesus, her Son. In the power of the Holy Spirit, she who is the spouse of the Holy Spirit, calls us to be faithful to her call. Her desire is that all her children be with her in eternity. The closer we draw to her Immaculate Heart, the closer we will also draw to the Merciful, Sacred Heart of Jesus. As a Mother, Our Lady desires our true happiness here and in eternity. With hearts full of gratitude, let us respond to her call. ______________

**ABC will broadcast a special on Medjugorje July 6 at 10:00 pm Eastern time. The ABC crew were in Medjugorje recently for the filming.

**On another note, several of the visionaries have gone to Rome recently to be interviewed by the Vatican Commission on Medjugorje. Let us pray for them all.

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