Medjugorje, Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I Am in the mist of them.

MEDJUGORJE. "Where two or three..." from Natasha Beliaeva on Vimeo.
We are ("two or three"), friends from Russia, Ukraine and Hungary made this documentary film about famous pilgrimage place Medjugorje (Bosnia & Hercegovina), where since 1981 pilgrims are coming because of the apparitions of Saint Mary. But this story is about "not pilgrimage", because girl going to this small town is going not as a pilgrim, believer or like that, but just as a curious person with a question "what does it mean - the apparitions of Saint Mary? how people feel it? why they coming here?"
Name of the film partly tells about it "Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there I am in the midst of them" (Matthew 18:20)     Made in 2010
* Interview with Nancy Latta of Medjugorje begins at time line 3127...

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Medjugorje Merssage of May 2,2011

Dear children, God the Father is sending me to show you the way of salvation, because he, my children, desires to save you and not to condemn you. That is why I, as a mother, am gathering you around me, because with my motherly love I desire to help you to be free of the dirtiness of the past and to begin to live anew and differently. I am calling you to resurrect in my Son. Along with confession of sins, renounce everything that has distanced you from my Son and that has made your life empty and unsuccessful. Say “yes” to the Father with the heart and set out on the way of salvation to which he is calling you through the Holy Spirit. Thank you. I am especially praying for the shepherds, for God to help them to be alongside you with a fullness of heart. Medjugorje message, May 2, 2011