Statue of Mary the Mother of God


• There are some places and some people in life that ‘mark’ you forever. Once you have come in contact with them, they revive in you everything that seemed buried within your heart forever. Then you recapture a life full of joy, serenity, and purpose. You understand the reason you are living, where you have come from, and where you are going. You take your life back into your hands with vigour. You rediscover a design of love in your life that trials and difficulties have buried. Then you feel like a new person, and even others are aware that something has changed your life.

The place that has ‘marked’ me and millions of other people is called Medjugorje. It is different from other places because there is a ‘Presence’ there that you do not see but whose effects and benefits you gather. It is a Presence that speaks to our hearts and manifests itself in a personal manner for each one of us. This presence is Mary the Mother of God.

In Medjugorje we discover that this mother, the Queen of Peace, wants to enter our lives. That is the reason she says to us: “Dear Children, accept me in your lives, because I desire to bestow my love upon you.”

• Father Luigi Ferrari


jim said...

My wife and I were touched by Mary and the Holy Spirit last September as we climbed Mt Krizevac in the pouring rain. The Holy Spirit inspired us to go on at the 5th Station in the form of a butterfly landing upon her knee while we sat nearby in the rain, preparing to turn around and go back. We helped one another over the slippery, rocky terrain and were greeted at the top by our companions and the overwhelming Presence of Jesus and Mary.

Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Dear Jim,
Thank you for sharing this with us.
Medjugorje is truely a place of miracles.I have been to Medjugorje 4 times now and while there I have always felt Our Lady's Presence.
In that tiny little village Our Lady lives. If the world would only realize what a great gift Our Lord has given us in Medjugorje.
He has given us his Mother Mary.

Anthony said...

Hi Jim
Reading your comment on the Holy spirit and the butterfly. it brings to my mind.Five years ago on the 11 september when my only son was killed in a car crash at 3 am in the morning. the butterfly became a very close companion for a long time after tony

Michael said...

we are in Medjugorje as i write this with a pilgrimage group of forty two. I ask your prayers for open hearts and conversion, in particular for one man who is seeking the truth.

thanks and God Bless,


Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Dear Anthony,
I'm sorry to hear about your Son's death. When you said your Son was killed at 3am in the morning the first thing that came into my mind was that your Son died during the hour of Divine Mercy. The Lord put that thought in my mind right away.
God Bless

Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Dear Michael,
We will pray that Our Lord and Our Lady will reveal themselves to this man.

Debbie said...

My wife and I have been to Medjugorje many times. Every pilgrimage is different from the previous one. Once you went to
this special place you are never the same person again no matter who you are. To the individuals
who claim there is nothing special
about Medjugorge....Before you judge ...go and see for yourself.

Edmond& Debbie

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience at Medjugorje. I have also been to that place of holiness and refuge. I went 3 years ago. It was always a dream of mine to go there someday, however, my husband, who left the church 10 years ago, was not in favor of me going. I continued to pray to 'Our Lady' asking for her intercession. After much prayer and fasting, my husband came to me with a note after communion at my church and said I could go. I had an amazing experience of peace and the love of God there. Please pray for my husband, Scott to come back to the church. It has been not only hard on me, because he does not respect my catholic faith beliefs, but it is extremely hard on our 3 children. He brings them to his lutheran church every weekend in addition to me bringing them to the catholic church. Please pray for God to bring resolution and unity to our family so we can be united in one faith and receive Jesus together. Thank you for your prayers.

Marianne said...

Dear Sandy, the faithfulness of a believer can bring a lost one to the fold. As I pray The Divine Mercy Conversion prayer "O Blood and water which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us, I trust in YOU!" I will include your husband Scott, pleading for the grace of conversion for him too.
May St Monica too pray for him.
I hope to visit Medjugorje next month, my fourth visit. Be assured Scott will be remembered there too.
Love and blessings. Marianne (Sri Lanka)