Fatima: The Sun Danced

The Sun Danced. A Portuguese friend went to Fatima for the great celebrations of May 13, the anniversary of the 1st appearance of Mary in 1917. But this year, Fatima also celebrated the Beatification of John Paul II. Giant screens were used to transmit the images of the Beatification, and 20,000 pilgrims were gathered close to the basilica. Our friend told us that at about 1:30PM, when the images of John Paul II appeared on the screens, a very broad luminous circle formed suddenly around the sun, it was like an arc in the sky which projected rays of all colors. The sun started to dance in the sky as if joining the celebration. The media of Portugal broadcasted this same information.

As we know, John Paul II was very linked to Fatima! Following the attempted assassination of May 13, 1981, he always attributed his protection to Our Lady of Fatima. “A hand shot, he said, a maternal hand guided the bullet's path”. Did the pope of Totus Tuus (totally yours Mary) want to give us a sign? Already, on October 13, 1917, at the time of 6th and last appearance of Mary in Fatima, 70,000 people saw the sun dance! Interesting, isn't it?      www.childrenofmedjugorje.com

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