Messages of Medjugorje in Poetry: A Simple Prayer

Messages of Medjugorje in Poetry: A Simple Prayer: "A Simple Prayer What is it that I have been searching for? To live in the Heart of Jesus. What does this mean? I want to live a life of virtue..."

Medjugorje has changed my life for the better since my first pilgrimage in 2002. During my visit I had a powerful spiritual experience which has led to a much deeper faith, hope, and love. I am actively involved in my parish as Pro-Life Coordinator and have been a member of a prayer group at my parish for ten years that began in 1989 after a group of pilgrims returned home on fire with love for their faith. My husband and I will be returning to Medjugorje on April 28. This will be my fourth visit and his third. It is so exciting to be going back. I feel like Medjugorje is my home because it is the closest place on Earth to Heaven.

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