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Pope John Paul II at the shrine of Divine Mercy
 in Krakow on June 7, 1997,
 in front of the tomb of Sister Faustina
 and the image of the Merciful Jesus -

April 29, 2011
Easter Friday

Dear Family of Mary!

Our Lady once spoke about Pope John Paul II in a message, early in his pontificate. She said:

"Let him consider himself the father of all people and not only of Christians. Let him spread untiringly, and with courage, the message of peace and love among all humankind." (September 26, 1982)

Looking back we see that the Holy Father did exactly this. He traveled the world, probably personally greeting and seeing more people than any other human being in history. He personally brought his fatherhood to the world. The world felt his fatherly love, it just radiated from him like light. Of course, the power of his love was the Holy Spirit. It was God's love that was flowing from the heart of Pope John Paul II. God's fatherly love!

And so, on Sunday, May 1, 2011, this fatherly Pope, who was so filled with the light and love of God, will be beatified on the Feast of Divine Mercy which he established so prophetically at the turn of the Millennium. The great gift of Mercy which came from Poland for the world, through St. Faustina and Blessed John Paul II, will be magnified on Sunday as we celebrate such a beatification!

Jesus spoke of this gift that was to come from Poland to St. Faustina:

"As I was praying for Poland, I heard the words: I bear a special love for Poland, and if she will be obedient to My will, I will exalt her in might and holiness. From her will come forth the spark that will prepare the world for My final coming." (Diary 1732)

Surely Pope John Paul II was that spark, that flash of pure light that burst over the Church and the world at the end of the 20th Century, bringing incredible clarity and understanding to a confused humankind. He reintroduced us to our great destiny as sons and daughters of the Father in heaven. He completed St. Faustina's mission, giving us the Feast of Divine Mercy, so that all mankind could be re-attached to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through the river of grace that would flow through this feast. And he suffered for us, showing us the way to practice mercy in our human condition. And now he is being beatified, as an example of holiness for us all and an encouragement to run the race with joy!

St. Faustina had a vision of a celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy, celebrated in both Rome and in Poland. She wrote:

"Suddenly, God's presence took hold of me, and at once I saw myself in Rome, in the Holy Father's chapel and at the same time I was in our chapel. And the celebration of the Holy Father and the entire Church was closely connected with our chapel and, in a very special way, with our Congregation. And I took part in the solemn celebration simultaneously here and in Rome, for the celebration was so closely connected with Rome that, even as I write, I cannot distinguish the two but I am writing it down as I saw it. I saw the Lord Jesus in our chapel, exposed in the monstrance on the high altar. The chapel was adorned as for a feast, and on that day anyone who wanted to come was allowed in. The crowd was so enormous that the eye could not take it all in. Everyone was participating in the celebrations with great joy, and many of them obtained what they desired. The same celebration was held in Rome, in a beautiful church, and the Holy Father with all the clergy, was celebrating this Feast, and then suddenly I saw Saint Peter, who stood between the altar and the Holy Father. I could not hear what Saint Peter said but I saw that the Holy Father understood his words..." (Diary, 1044).

Of course this resembles what happened when Pope John Paul II canonized St. Faustina in 2000 and declared the Feast of Divine Mercy. The celebrations in Poland and Rome were simultaneous and huge! And they were connected by television, something unheard of in 1937. But I think that on Sunday there will be another such celebration, simultaneous and huge, in both Poland and Rome! The great Pope from Poland will be beatified, on the great Feast of Divine Mercy! St. Faustina will be at both places that day, because she can be!! How amazing! She and her champion, Pope John Paul II will be together in both places!
I am pumped!!
In Jesus, Mary, Joseph, St. Faustina and Blessed John Paul II!!

Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2011

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