Christmas Miracle


By Michael H. Brown

I was saying a Rosary while waiting on a bus during a recent trip and as soon as I got back to my room realized that the rosary beads -- which I prized, because they were from another apparition site -- weren't with me. I had misplaced them. They were lost.
I searched everywhere several times: my shirt, my pants, my desk, my bed, under the bed, under the blankets, my computer case -- the whole room. When I heard the bus return shortly after, I raced down, told the bus driver what had happened, and we thoroughly searched the bus -- the most likely place I had left them.
To no avail. The rosary beads, which were from Medjugorje and had links that had turned gold during an experience years before, were nowhere to be seen.
The next day, I alerted others on the pilgrimage and searched the bus a second time. The rosary beads were simply gone. This was while visiting another site, Kibeho.
I returned home and as I was unpacking I reached into a pouch in my large, check-in bag (where I kept mainly shirts and other large clothes) found the rosary beads in that pouch. I know I did not place the beads there. I never put them in the luggage -- large or small.
That I would have recalled.
I had not even gone near the luggage, to my recollection, and they could not have fallen out of clothing into a tight pouch. .
I found the rosary, but as I unpacked my big bag, which I had placed on my bed, I realized, now, that a new pair of sandals were missing.
These I had kept in two pockets in the large luggage, and only on those two pockets.
But now that I was home, they simply weren't there.
I was distressed because they were a type of sandal I had not been able to find and only located such a pair just before the trip. They also cost money, of course -- not exorbitant, but neither the cheapest -- and I have trouble throwing away a dime that God has sent me. I had only worn them a few times during the trip -- in a pilgrim room, and then the hotel -- and now I had lost them. I was pretty sure I had packed them, but it wasn't definite; there was a chance I had left them in a hotel room in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, but now home, I looked through my luggage three or four times. I also searched the room. Even though I had opened my luggage in my bedroom, I extended the search to the entire house and even outside the house. My family helped me.
No Original Arizona Jean Company size-nine Brazilian-made sandals.
I thought of contacting the hotel, but knew it would cost much more to ship them than simply trying to buy another pair, which I resolved to do. But during prayer, before putting it out of my mind, I asked for the assistance of the Blessed Mother, and spoke to my guardian angel, while reciting from another Rosary blessed at Kibeho -- saying loudly and with true yearning faith that while Africa is far away, I knew that time and space mean nothing to angels and that they could get them back to me if God so willed and they wanted.
After that heartfelt prayer, I did put it out of my mind; I wrote the sandals off.
That was a bit more than a week ago.
Late Christmas morning, I was walking across our house when, suddenly, smack in the middle of the family-room-dining-room-vestibule, in one of the spots most readily visible -- and most heavily trafficked (a place where nothing could possibly be hidden) -- I spotted a pair of sandals and on closer inspection discovered to my shock that they were my prized lost ones -- the pair I had taken to Rwanda, to the apparition.
How did they get home? How possibly could they now be there right in plain view?
My wife had vacuumed that spot just minutes before, and they had not been there. They had not been there the entire week before.
But there they were late Christmas morning, reminding us that with God -- especially this time of year -- nothing is impossible..

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