Medjugorje visionary Vicka, speaks on Choosing an Afterlife.

Photo: Vicka speaks to Pilgrims.
Vicka Speaks on Choosing an Afterlife
By Sr. Emmanuel
Visiting the cemeteries of Medjugorje on All Saints Day at night is really moving since the multitude of vibrant, colored candles give them almost a fairy tale aspect. It is lovely to think that each candle represents a relative or friend who has come to the aid of a dearly departed soul, helping them cross the threshold of Heaven. However, it would be a pity to wait for someone to die before helping him with our prayers, since the choices we make on earth hold immense consequences. We don't always realize this. Taking advantage of All Saints Day, I asked Vicka what would be the best way to transmit this message during my missions. She replied, "As the Gospa has told us, it is already here on earth that we each make the choice of going either to Heaven, or to Purgatory, or to hell. After death we then continue to live what we have chosen on earth. Each one knows how they are living on earth. As for me, I try my best to do all I can to go to Heaven with all of my heart. I have a great desire to go to Paradise since I am a Christian (here Vicka speaks as a person who has suffered under atheistic communism). On earth some people choose Purgatory, that is to say, they have not completely decided for God, they deliberately pick and choose with the Gospel. Other people here on earth choose to do everything against God and against the will of God. In doing so, they choose to live in hell. They start a hell in their heart and after death it is the same hell that continues for them.
“What we become after death depends on us, since God has given free will to everyone. It is we who choose our future in all freedom. After death, life continues, our life on earth is a short journey, a kind of a walk! The Gospa has said to us, ‘Many live only for this world. They believe that after death everything stops, that it's all over, that there is nothing more.’ ‘No!’ She said, ‘this is a big mistake! Life continues and after death there is eternity!’ " May these words become little candles for us that twinkle to remind us how unique and precious every hour of our existence is here on earth. Sources- http://www.childrenofmedjugorje.com/ November 15, 1999 report and http://www.spiritofmedjugorje.org/

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