Medjugorje Tube
by Justme » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:09 am
Justme wrote: Dear mamamary medju.tv is a a new video portal on which members can load videos, audios, pictures and documents about Medjugorje. It may also be called the Medjugorje Tube.medju.tv has been founded only recently from my husband and me, two lay Catholics with the purpose to strengthen courage to live the messages for those who know Medjugorje and to spread the messages more around the world. Alike the Mother of God we wish that more people get to know Jesus Christ and the true joys and values of life as well as everlasting life.Whoever is interested in Medjugorje will find many resources on medju.tv, such as homilies, pilgrimage pictures, adoration- and music video clips, etc.People can also create their own play list or watch the Medjugorje live stream.medju.tv invites people to register and help this new video portal to thrive. It would be great to meet you there too!The url of this site is http://medju.tv/

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