Dear Children of Mary

Dear Children of Mary,
Denis, my husband, has asked me to send out this request for prayer support. Here is what is on his heart to share with all of us:

I hope you read Cathy's reflection (7/9/10). It explains a lot.It also sheds light on why a spiritual battle would be surrounding Mary TV. "I can no longer live without Medjugorje," an exorcist testifies in her reflection. He discovered that when, like a child, he invoked his Mother's presence in Medjugorje, Satan would flee: "I feel that if it wasn't for her presence, we would all be destroyed. That is why we should all try to live every second of our lives with her. I feel a personal invitation to help other people to come to Medjugorje; to bring here all of those people who experience tremendous spiritual suffering." Years ago Our Lady said that Satan left many places in the world in order to focus his attacks against Medjugorje - to try to thwart what God is doing there. She actually said that one day he had offered to give back to God the rest of the world in exchange for Medjugorje! The devil will do anything to keep attention from being given to our Mother's presence with us in Medjugorje. And so he also works to block MARY TV. I believe praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet right now will loose the funds still needed to stream live over the internet the youth festival and events of Medjugorje from July 31 through August 6, and the funds necessary to finish construction of our TV station in Medjugorje! From today until August 6th, let's pray everyday at 3:00 PM (or within that hour) the Divine Mercy Chaplet for this intention. "When I looked at the plants, thirsting for the rain," writes Saint Faustina, "I was moved with pity, and I decided to say the chaplet until the Lord would send us rain. Before supper, the sky covered over with clouds and a heavy rain fell to the earth. I had been saying this prayer without interruption for three hours. And the Lord let me know that everything can be obtained by means of this prayer." (1128) How much more should we be moved with pity today! "Satan is strong and wishes not only to destroy human life but also nature and the planet on which you live... God sent me to you so that I can help you!" (1/25/91). Beseech the Lord with me that Mary TV be given the necessary funds to use modern communication technologies to help bring the world's attention to our Mother's presence with us in Medjugorje! Denis
Thank you for supporting us in prayer! What ever you can do is appreciated!! In Jesus and Mary!

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Dear children! I am calling everyone of you to start living in God's love. Dear children, you are ready to commit sin, and to put yourselves in the hand of satan without reflecting. I call on each one of you to consciously decide for God and against satan. I am your Mother and, therefore, I want to lead you all to perfect holiness. I want each one of you to be happy here on earth and to be with me in Heaven. That is, dear children, the purpose of my coming here and it’s my desire. Thank you for having responded to my call. Medjugorje message, May 25, 1987