In Medjugorje Our Lady is coming in a very powerful way.

“In Medjugorje Our Lady is coming in a very powerful way...It is impossible not to see here the Lord our God. Impossible!...In all our churches throughout the world, it should be as it is here in Medjugorje!

*Bishop Domenico Pecile, Vicar of St John Lateran Basilica, the Pope’s Cathedral in Rome

“Because of my responsibility as a bishop of the Catholic Church, I have come personally to see if this event is real, if it is acceptable. From the very first time that I came to Medjugorje, my conviction is that these events are authentic. In Medjugorje, Our Lady is coming in a very powerful way, an outstanding way, different then her other comings. It is impossible not to see here the Lord our God. Impossible! I come here to pray to Our Lady, to feel her presence, not only because I feel the need for it, but because this is giving me a consolation on the road, a strength to continue, to walk with one additional reason, with the conviction that God truly loves us all.
“At other places of pilgrimage where Our Lady was appearing, some miracles have happened, and this is beautiful. But here, for such a long time, Our Lady is giving messages, is continuing to speak. I would say that, here, Our Lady continues to speak to humanity. She is not doing it from a pulpit, but as a mother. Those who want to hear and to obey: they listen. Those who do not want: they don’t listen. Our Lady is continuing to speak here. I think that this is because the time in which we live is powerful and important as no time before. In our time, Our Lady is observing as a mother, seeing our reality and coming to help us to think again about our way of life and about the world in which we live...
“In Eucharistic celebrations, I saw something extraordinary: pilgrims were attentive, concentrated, although we had Holy Mass in a conference hall. Nothing could distract them; they experienced something deep within them. The presence of the mystery can almost be felt in the air here. The faithful come to the churches elsewhere also, but you see them talking. But not here! Here, they are attentive!

*In all our churches throughout the world, it should be as it is here in Medjugorje.” (Bishop Domenico Pecile, Vicar of St John Lateran Basilica in Rome, gave his October 4, 2005, testimony to “Mir” Information Center in Medjugorje; “Medjugorje and the Church”, pp. 101, 102).


Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Bishops in Medjugorje during the year 2005

During 2005, 15 bishops from 12 countries came to Medjugorje:

- Mons. Hieronymus Herculanus Bumbun, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Pontianak (Indonesia)

- Mons. Salvatore Boccaccio, Bishop of Frosinone (Italy)

- Mons. Geevarghese Mar Divannasios Ottathengil, syro-malankar Bishop of Bathery (Kerala, India)

- Mons. José Luís Azcona Hermoso, O.A.R., Augustinian, Bishop of Marajó (Para, Brazil)

- Mons. Bruno Tommasi, retired Archbishop of Lucca (Italy)

- Mons. Hermann Raich, S.V.D., Bishop of Wabag (Papua New Guinea)

- Mons. Issam John Darwish, BSO, DD., Eparch of the Melkite Catholic Church in Australia and New Zealand

- Mons. Domenico Pecile, retired Bishop of Latina (Italy)

- Mons José Domingo Ulloa Mendieta, O.S.A., Auxiliary Bishop of Panama (Panama)

- Mons. Stanislas Lukumwena Lumbala, O.F.M., Bishop of Kole (Democratic Republic of Congo)

- Mons. Pearce Lacey, retired Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto (Canada)

- Mons. Thomas Msusa, Bishop of Zomba (Malawi)

- Mons. Allan Chamgwera, retired Bishop of Zomba (Malawi)

- Mons. Remi Joseph Gustave Saint-Marie, Bishop of Dedza (Malawi)

- Mons. Joseph Faber MacDonald, Bishop of Saint John (New Brunswick, Canada)

Marianne said...

How wonderful to read this dear Bishop's testimony on the eve of Pentecost! I have visited Medjugorje three times and I know that on the second visit, our Lady placed upon my heart the need to pray for priests and I thank God for the grace to be faithful to this. With all the events happening around us, the messages of our Lady in Medjugorje should awaken in our hearts the desire for conversion and a commitment to pray for the conversion of others. My love for the Holy Eucharist, the Sacrament of Reconciliation especially, has grown as our Mother guides me in this journey of discovery. Dear Spouse of the Holy Spirit, pray for us. God bless you all.

Henry said...

I am very thankful for this ariticle. Our Lady needs her priest to stand up and speak. She is taking care of them, t is high time they take care of HER.
Thank you for your priesthood.

Luz said...

I was in Medugorje in 2008 with my husband and three children. All I experienced was simplicity, peace and love. The visionary that we met looked so simple and humble that we could see Jesus through her. She didn't talk about herself, only about Jesus and Mary. My teenagers were convinced of the truth and believe me only God can convince a modern teenager.

Ed Sousa, Sr. said...


Cardinal Timothy Manning, Los Angeles, CA
Archbishop Sablan Apuron, Guam
Archbishop Patrick Flores, San Antonio, TX (USA)
Archbishop Philip M. Hannan, (retired) New Orleans, LA
Archbishop Edwin O’Brien, United States Armed Forces
Bishop Nicholas D’Antonio, New Orleans, LA
Bishop Carl A. Fisher, Los Angeles, CA
Bishop Michael Pfeifer, San Angelo, TX
Bishop Francis A. Quinn, Sacramento, CA
Bishop Sylvester Treinen, (retired) Boise, ID
Bishop Stanley Ott, Baton Rouge, LA
Bishop Patrick Zeisman, Los Angeles, CA
Bishop Thomas O’Connel, Los Angeles, CA
Bishop George Speltz, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Bishop Ricardo Ramirez, La Cruces, NM
Bishop Armando Ochoa, Los Angeles, CA
Bishop Thomas Connolly, Baker, CA
Bishop D. Montrose, Stockton, CA
Bishop Richard Parime, Orange, CA
Bishop Tom O’Connell, Los Angeles, CA
Bishop Michael Wiwchar, Byzantine Eparchy of Chicago
Bishop Donald Montrose, Stockton, CA
Bishop Franco Hillary, NY
Bishop Pierre Dumaine, San Jose, CA
Auxiliary Bishop Kenneth Steiner, Portland, Oreon

Knight of Malta said...

Why would Our Lady speak over 30,000 times?

That doesn't comport with other, Church-approved apparitions.

Marianne said...

Dear Knight of Malta,
You ask why Our Blessed Mother speaks over 30,000 times.... that is because some are still refusing to listen. Good mothers have to do that to grab our attention!

God bless
Yours in Christ