Dear Family of Mary

May 7, 2010 Dear Family of Mary!"

Dear children! Today, through me, the good Father calls you to, with your soul filled with love, set out on a spiritual visitation. Dear children, be filled with grace, sincerely repent of your sins and yearn for the good. Yearn also in the name of those who have not come to know the perfection of the good. You will be more pleasing to God. Thank you." (May 2, 2010)

"Sincerely repent of your sins." Again Our Lady speaks in heart language. She wants us to be completely free of our past and the sins that cling to us. Sometimes, when we have serious sins in our past, we can carry those sins around with us long after we have confessed them. Like the Ancient Mariner of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, we can carry the albatross around our neck as a sign of our guilt and shame long after the Lord has forgiven us and called us to a new life. The Lord doesn't want us to carry our shame in such a way. He wants us to repent, recognize the sin, and then run to Him for forgiveness and freedom.

Let's remember this message from Our Lady given earlier this year:"

Dear children! Today I am calling you, with complete trust and love, to set out with me, because I desire to acquaint you with my Son. Do not be afraid, my children, I am here with you, I am next to you. I am showing you the way to forgive yourselves, to forgive others, and, with sincere repentance of heart, to kneel before the Father. Make everything die in you that hinders you from loving and saving - that you may be with Him and in Him. Decide for a new beginning, a beginning of sincere love of God Himself. Thank you." (Jan 2, 2010)

See how beautiful repentance can be! It is a process of regaining our freedom as God's children! Nothing dire and sad about it. We are called to a new beginning, one filled with God's love and peace. And an important part of the process is to forgive ourselves. Repentance is not complete until we do. Once we have recognized a sin in our lives, confessed it, received the Father's forgiveness, and chosen a new way to live, we have to also forgive our self and ask the Father to heal us within, where the scars of sin are found. Only then will we be able to move into our new life.The Father wants us to repent, which means to turn back to Him. He has plans for us, plans for our good and not for woe. Our Lady needs us to be firmly planted in the Father's will now so that we can aid her in her task of saving souls. May we sincerely repent of our sins, and joyfully live our new lives with her! In Jesus and Mary,
Cathy Nolan
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