Fr. Joe Whalen prays over all those viewing this throughout the world for Healing.

ArchangelRaphael25 — April 01, 2010 — Fr. Joseph Whalen, MS prays over all those viewing throughout the world for healing.
Fr. Joseph Whalen is a La Salette missionary healing priest. His dramatic life story is a story of "how God writes straight with crooked lines!" His ministries are many and he is a champion of the sick, the elderly, drug addicts, alcoholics, families, and those in need. The charism of the La Salette's is Reconcilliation ... of compassion and mercy to the repentant;he is noted for his ability to hear confessions hour upon hour. Fathers message is to realize that Its Never Too Late to Live. Fr. Whalen conducts many healing services every year and his St. Raphael Healing Ministry is international. Fr. Whalen has spent his entire priesthood witnessing Christs healing presence and helping countless people to find hope in the midst of life's many challenges. www.straphaeloil.com


shadowlands said...

He sounds like my kind of priest, approachable for sinners! (ie: me!)

Mary333 said...

I watched this video and prayed with Him. I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for putting this up. Tomorrow night I am attending a special healing Mass by a priest named Father Grace. Isn't that a great name for a priest!

Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Mary, Fr. Joe is a wonderful priest and he has a powerful healing ministry. I have been in Medjugorje with him twice now.