The Cross of Jesus still stands in Haiti.

Photo of the Church that was destroyed in Haiti
and we see the cross of OUR LORD still standing.
Please pray for Haiti, the dead, there families, and all who are suffering there.
Thank You, Maggie


Andrienne said...

This is a proof that Jesus eyes is on Haiti. People keep praying for those people that are suffring in this days. Dear father help this people, please give them strenght and faith to support the hard time in the name of the LOrd. AMen

Padre Steve said...

Thanks for posting this. We have to remain hopeful.
God bless.

Carlos Echevarria said...

I lived and worked in Haiti in 2004, i know that country quite well and worked with some church officials on business matters...

Thank you for posting this, it is, ironically, especially in the countryside a beautiful country but endemic corruption, lack of work ethic, violence, calamaties, etc have set it back, as opposed to say Dominican Republic which is on the eastern portion of Hispanola, as you know.

God bless

Kermit said...

I'd like to mention this in a sermon. Can you verify for me that the picture is real - and from Haiti - and from post-earthquake. Thanks. There's so much scam and spam on the internet that I want to verify things.

Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

To Kermit
The photo was sent to me by a trusted friend and I also saw that picture on Cable News from film being taken in Haiti.
So I would say the picture is real.

Tavi said...

So, god caused this earthquake and spared the statue of his son?

bessie said...
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bessie said...

God did not cause the earthquake, He simply allows it. Children on earth must accept that, and will understand why God allows these things. He is a loving God, but through the Holy Spirit alone, we can understand the Almighty God, and yes His Son Still stands, but not only as a statue, He is for real, and He lives, and is in Heaven, and sit next to His Father God