Medjugorje: Questions to Mirjana

Q: What does Our Lady says about the division in families? (question not completely audible)

I believe that Our Lady doesn’t have to talk about it because if you keep the vow before God…Here, when we get married in the church, we put our right hand on the Cross so that God may help me, so there’s no divorce. If its good, then thanks be to God. If not, then just take your cross. Because you cannot be only partially Catholic. You are or you are not. Saddest thing is we Catholics try to justify things that cannot be justified. We are or we are not. We follow Jesus or we do not follow him.
Q: So divorce is not acceptable?
Of course. Husband can leave wife and wife can leave husband but she is his wife and he is her husband. If my husband for example leaves me, I would not be able to look for another husband because he is my husband before God. What God binds once, only He can separate. I cannot force my husband to be with me but even if he leaves, he still remains my husband.
Q: And annulment?
Pointing to a row of priests Mirjjana says, Here is the priests! (laughter). I am not planning to divorce, that’s why I am not interested in annulments. I know that if you did not tell about some illness you may have or if you do not want to have children, it could be an excuse. Then church will give you an annulment, if that’s the case, as far as I’ve heard but I never questioned too much about it.
Q: This question concerned a marriage partner being an unbeliever. The actual question although just audible was posed by someone whose English was not clear.
I think you forgot, I am just a visionary. Its usually like (this) that husband is unbeliever. That is why God put her husband in her way, so he is her responsibility. She needs to help him to come to know God and God’s love, not through criticising, judging or forcing but simply through her love, her example, and her prayer. That is the only way.
Q: What can you do to help people who live different lifestyles to change their lives?
I would just pray for them. I put them in God’s hands and I pray for them because I feel sorry for them, because they simply go against the nature, and nature was created by God, so that it means you go against God. Mirjana said in English “ everything what you are doing with your heart will help. It’s important that you doing with your heart”. Its beautiful that you are worried for them so much. That means that you love your neighbour and I’m glad that there is no judgements in your words, only love. And that is what Our Lady desires from us, not to judge but to love them and to pray for them.

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