Greg Sousa Photography

Greg Sousa was born and raised in West Warwick, Rhode Island. He credits his spark in photography to his father, Edward. As a young boy Greg would watch as his father, a detective on the West Warwick Police Department, practice at home with the department issued black and white camera."My father would take a photo of my brother and I, and through the magic of film development, we would be able to see a photo of ourselves that was taken 15 minutes later. That would be the beginning of a fascination that has stayed with me until this day. I have always been amazed with capturing a single moment in time and preserving it forever."Greg began his professional career as a newspaper photographer. After several years covering breaking news, sports and community events, he left the news business to begin a career in "wedding photojournalism." His images have appeared in Time Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, People Magazine, Modern Bride and The Knot Magazine...http://www.gregsousa.printroom.com/studio_homepage.asp?domain_name=gregsousa

Greg Sousa Photography


2147 Highway 581 North Pikeville, NC 27863 Phone: 919-440-1522 http://www.gregsousa.printroom.com/ also http://gregsousa.tumblr.com/

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