Father John Randall's New Book, No Spirit, No Church is Now Available

Father John Randall's new book, No Spirit, No Church is now available.
His book can be purchased at The Body of Christ Prayer Meeting that is held every Thursday evening at 7 pm at Saint Charles Church, 178 Dexter Street, Providence, Rhode Island. If you'd like to order a book please send $10.00 to The Spirit and The Word, P.O. Box 114006, North Providence, Rhode Island, 02911
***Fr. Randall's Book will now be available at any Catholic Book Store in Rhode Island and also at Gabriel's Trumpet in Coventry, R.I. and at LaSallette Shrine in North Attleboro, MA ***
A Few Comments: Fr. John Randall tells it like it is, no Spirit, no Church! It is a journal of his ministry of fifty-five years, focusing on the dying of a seminary and the rising to new life of two parishes in the inner city.
My heart was set on fire by this account, and it will enkindle your heart as well. - Father George Kosicki, C.B.S.
I'm really grateful that Fr. Randall has put a lifetime of experience and wisdom into his new book. This is truly a gift for the Church. - Ralph Martin
Fr. Randall has stood beside me for the past forty years as a fellow disciple of Jesus, working for the renewal of priestly and parish life. This book is his account of that journey. - Fr. Bob Bedard, C.C.-Founder of the Companions of the Cross

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Anonymous said...

What a great book on the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. I wish that every parish priest would read it.
Then our parishes would become alive again like it was in the early church.
Fr. Randall is right on target when he says, No Spirit, No Church.
Let our prayer be, Come Holy Spirit, come quickly, for we need you more than ever.