Cardinal Ersilio Tonini--Medjugorje is a blessed place

Cardinal Ersilio Tonini: Medjugorje? A blessed place, a source of spirituality that transforms the mind

What do you think about the Medjugorje phenomenon?
“I think that it is a blessed place and a grace of God; who goes to Medjugorje returns transformed, changed, he reflects himself in that source of grace that is Christ. Christ is at the same time the tap and the source. If in Medjugorje, as it is obvious by now, many conversions happen, it surely means that there is the hand of God. I believe that we should look at Medjugorje with serenity and trust, appreciating all the good and holy things that happen in that place.”

What is happening to those who go to Medjugorje?
“They simply discover the source of faith and they are quenched by Christ through Mary, therefore they go with confidence to Medjugorje.”

A Bishop Emeritus has spoken of Medjugorje as of a satanic deceit.
“I cannot believe this. In any case, if he has really said this, I think that it is an exaggerated phrase, absolutely outside the topic. Only unbelievers do not believe in Our Lady and in Medjugorje. For the rest, nobody is forcing us to believe, but let us at least respect it.”


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Ed, is there a full article that goes with this?

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Not that I find Esther.
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