Gracious Gifts of the Holy Spirit.-- The Lord wants us to use the gifts he has given us.

*Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them . . .
- (Romans 12:6

Gifts of the Holy Spirit
There's a powerful connection between the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God. This connection is even witnessed when we look at the very language that the New Testament was written in.
In the original Greek, the actual word for "gifts" is the word "charisma." What's interesting about this is that the word "charisma" comes from the word "charis," which is the Greek word that we translate into English as "grace." So in the most literal sense possible, the gifts are an extension of God's grace.
Why is it so important for us to see this connection between the gifts and grace? It's important for a couple of reasons.
First, grace is undeserved and unearned. And with this understanding, we realize that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are also undeserved and unearned. We can't point to our spiritual gifts and boast or brag about them because we haven't earned them. In fact, as with grace, we don't even deserve them and we should be humbled and awed that God has entrusted something as precious and valuable as His gifts to us.
We also understand that grace has an active influence upon a person's life. Grace is not lifeless; it works. When it comes to spiritual gifts, they too have an active influence because they're meeting true needs in people's lives that are both spiritual and practical. They work in ways that make a measurable difference, just like grace.
In using our gifts to serve others, we are demonstrating and declaring the grace of God. As our spirit-filled service abounds, God's grace abounds, which is something that this world needs more and more of. - " Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate heart of Mary, your well beloved spouse."

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