Useing the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all . . .
- (1 Corinthians 12:7

Part of our human nature is to think we are an exception. For some reason, even though a law or principle applies to everyone else, there's something inside our hearts that persistently cries out, "But not me!"
Unfortunately, this can even work its way into the arena of our spiritual gifts. We read about all the ways God gifts His people corporately, but inside we feel that this doesn't apply to us personally. We even know plenty of people who are obviously operating in their spiritual gifting and serving as they should. But when it comes to us, we feel like we've been passed over and forgotten. And as a result, we never get off the ground in our service because we live according to this exception perception.
But this exception perception is a false perception, and the Bible busts this myth by specifically telling us that the gifts of the Spirit have been given to "each one." In other words, nobody has been left out. God doesn't play favorites, and He imparts a gift to each and every person who belongs to Him. -No exceptions and no excuses.-
If we aren't serving others by the gifts of the Spirit, the fault doesn't rest with God but with us. He has done His part in gifting us, but we need to do our part in discovering and cultivating the gifts we've been given. Like a seed that's been planted in the soil, the gifts are there within us. But unless we water those seeds, they'll never grow and emerge in our lives.

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Great picture and great post. Needs to be said more frequently.