My Child Joseph-Posted by Easter of Mostly Prayers

My Child Joseph by Easter.
I see my 5 children, such beatiful children that hold the life of God... and think to myself: If I didn't have them all or a single one of them, how would life have been? There is no answer because deep inside of me, I know, there would have been no other way. I thought I'd share with you that during the mild recession in the early 90's both my husband and I lost our jobs. In that period of great material loss, the Lord told us to raise a 3rd child. My husband and I joyfully came together to procreate life in obedience to our God of Life. In no time at all, our precious 3rd child, Joseph, was born.Today, Joseph is 11 years of age and teeming with God's life. He serves at daily Mass, plays tennis with passion, happily directs little skits in the home, loves to imitate characters in good movies and animations such as Larry Boy in the Veggie Tale series, takes care of his siblings, throws the trash for me, prefers to go to Adoration to going to malls, eats ice cream with a smile on his face, takes the time to help his dad cook, rides his bike and Ripstick with much glee, washes dishes without complaining and leaves my sink clean, joyfully sings Christian music with his siblings, a true gentleman... Need I say more? God is life. We preserve life, not destroy it!

Meet my Joseph here (first 3 pictures)
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Easter A. said...

I am thankful to you, Ed.

I forgot to mention that my husband found a job after a year of being unemployed. I, however, with the grace of God followed His call to stay home and eventually homeschool my children. Isn't God full of surprises?! God be praised!

Micki said...

Imagine my surprise to find my dear friend's son on your page today. What a testimony to a beautiful family. I knew about Joseph but I didn't know of how he came. Yes, God does work wonders when we are open to His plan. Thanks Ed for sharing her story. And thanks Easter for sharing with us all.