With extended hands Our Lady calls and invites us.

Tuesday, the 18th of March 2008
(Message given to Mirjana)

Mirjana transmitted the following:
I have never seen Our Lady address us in this manner. She extended her hands towards us and with her hands extended in this way, she said:
"Dear children, today I extend my hands towards you. Do not be afraid to accept them. They desire to give you love and peace and to help you in salvation. Therefore, my children, receive them. Fill my heart with joy and I will lead you towards holiness. The way on which I lead you is difficult and full of temptations and falls. I will be with you and my hands will hold you. Be persevering so that, at the end of the way, we can all together, in joy and love, hold the hands of my Son. Come with me; Fear not. Thank you."


Erin said...

A beautiful post! Our Lady's words brought me much comfort tonight, thanks for posting! I've added your blog to my blog list! Cannot wait to read more!

May God reward you~


Ed Sousa said...

Thank You Erin. Please feel free to write or comment anytime.
God Bless you and your family.