Sister Emmauel Maillard of Medjugorje speaks in Spain & Portugal.

FACING DEATH ! -I just came back from a mission in Spain and Portugal. It is evident that these two countries, which were far from Medjugorje for so long, are ardently opening themselves to Our Lady’s messages! Among other incredible blessings, I appreciated the example of a manufacturer who decided to dedicate the profits of his work to the broadcasting of the Divine Mercy and publications about Medjugorje. He donates financial support to each work that he prints, which allows him to publish religious books at a lower cost. Thanks to his sacrifice, thousands of people are reached who would not be otherwise if they had to pay the normal price. This shows what impact of grace a single ‘Child of Medjugorje’ can have when he puts himself to the service of Jesus and Mary through the concrete actions that are in his power! I would not be surprised to learn in Heaven that such generosity allowed many souls to find Salvation. What a beautiful example! It may inspire us for similar actions that we are capable of doing for Our Lady! I could not help thinking, ‘If the Gospa found people like this in each country, how fast she would cover the world with her messages!’

*Returning from the mission, my sisters drove me from Dubrovnik airport to Medjugorje. During the trip, we saw a car careening toward us in our lane, it was going at full speed on the wrong side of the road. The driver had fallen asleep and his head was down! A collision was inevitable. My sister held the horn down and pushed on the brake, the man finally lifted his head and, just a few yards from our car, he was able to quickly pull back into his lane. Our survival hanged only by a thread! Five minutes earlier we had sung a hymn to the Guardian Angels and to St Michael the Archangel. I believe these Heavenly friends spared us from a terrible accident! This is a good encouragement to put the Angels to work in all circumstances! They can act with such power where humanly we aren’t able to do anything by ourselves!

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