Medjugorje: Fire rages around recently damaged statue of Our Lady.

Monster Fire Threatens Medjugorje Apparition Site
The days here in Medjugorje have been blistering hot, with no rain for at least the last 1 ½ months. There have been many sporadic fires behind the mountains and in the fields throughout Medjugorje and the surrounding area. Because the area is so dry, it only takes one little spark to ignite into an out-of-control fire in just minutes. Coming out of English Mass today, which was at noon, in celebration of the day the Church recognizes as Our Lady’s birthday, the Caritas Community members noticed a lot of smoke coming in the direction of Apparition Hill. As they got closer, they saw that there was a fire on the right side and back of Apparition Hill.


Micki said...

Talk about reading the signs.

Esther said...

How terrible!

Catherine Kennedy said...

Our Lady was just cleansing the land that surrounds Her Holy self. There is no need to worry.
Blessed be God our Father Almighty

anonymous said...

Was that the sign she said she was going to leave on the hill?

Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

To Anonymous
No! Our Lady said she would leave a permanant sign.