In Medjugorje, I have come to bring you and lead you to my son Jesus.

This picture of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament was painted by our good friend,- Rhode Island artist Ann Porter, at the request of Fr. Edward A. Sousa Jr. A copy of this beautiful painting is in Medjugorje.


Elaine said...

Absolutely beautiful, Ed!

Easter A. said...

I love that picture of Mary, and I think I included it on one of my posts.

Thanks Ed!

Ed Sousa said...

Thank You Elaine and Thank You Easter.

Anonymous said...

I have a prayer card with the immage on the front with a prayer to Our Lady of The Most Blessed Sacrament and a Eucharistic Prayer to our Lord, Jesus on the back. Does anyone know where I can purchse them in bulk?

Ed said...

Dear Anonymous,
You can purchase this holy card in bulk from the, Leaflet Missal Company, 976 W. Minnehaha Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 9582
Telephone 1-800-328-9582

God Bless, Ed

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!
God Bless you Fr. Ed.